Smith Machine Types, Prices, Manufacturers in India

Nowadays, with a sedentary lifestyle people of all ages especially youngsters are getting more focused on enhancing their body image. They are involved more in fitness regimes, maintaining body weight, physical exercises, and building stamina. There are a lot of videos on how to stay fit and different exercises that people can do. Children also follow many film stars and bodybuilders and get inspired by them to maintain weight and building strength.

Considering the lifestyle of people, there are different varieties of exercise equipment that can help individuals to stay fit even during their busy schedules. One of them is a Smith machine that helps in weight training and everyone can do a variety of exercises with this equipment. It is flexible and multipurpose equipment used for doing muscle training, squats, biceps, triceps, and shrugs. 

Smith Machine Pricing in India 

Smith machine has certain merits like for example; It is safer than other types of equipment resulting in less injury and does not need to rely on anyone with lifting weight and makes your workout less stressful. The price range of Smith machine upright row may vary from INR 17,000 to INR 2 Lacs depending on the features.

As you know, all of us have come to such a modern time where everyone is competing to look better than each other. At such a time, every person wants that they should look different and attractive among everyone. To keep your body healthy and in the right formation, most people resort to workouts, which is a very good thing. By doing workouts every day, our body looks healthy and attractive.

 Many people prefer not to go out and do workouts at home. But whether you do workouts in the gym or at home, you need to know what kind of equipment you will need for your workout. If people think about workout equipment, then it is very important to have a Smith machine to do a proper workout. In the present times, you will see this Smith machine in every gym because it is one of the main gym equipment which helps in our body’s workouts.

Now let’s talk about the price of Smith Machine in India

The price of the smith machine in India, then different manufacturers have different prices here. The complete set of Smith machine in one go, its price starts from 25000 and goes up to 95000. If people do not want to take the complete set of Smith machine at one time and buy it little by little, then its initial price goes from 17500 to 202400 approx.

 Smith machine is very amazing gym equipment which is full of various techniques. Smith machines are also found in various types in the market, due to which most of the people are inconvenienced in choosing which machine they should buy. Many different manufacturers are manufacturing Smith machines, due to which there is a question in the mind of the people that they should buy which one.

So do not need to worry, here are some of the best Smith machine details and their manufacturers. With the help of which will get the right information about it will be able to buy good smith machine exercises without any hesitation. 

Exercises you can do with Smith Machine

With the help of the Smith machine squat, can do various types of workouts like:- 

  • Frog Squat

The Smith machine helps you maintain the balance of the body while squatting so that you do not fall because of excess weight. When you are doing squat workouts then it proves very useful. While doing this workout people have to stand 10 inches away from the Smith Bar and make sure that the gap between two legs is 20 inches.

  • Standing Calf Raise

While doing this workout, have to keep in mind that the balance of your body is maintained. To do this exercise, first of all, you have to stand with a toe on the 4-inch slab then slowly do this workout with the help of your heels. Keep in mind that you do not have to use your toe during this workout.

  • Bench Press

If you want to increase your muscles and make them good and attractive, then bench press is the main workout for that. This gives you good and attractive formation and it helps in increasing your muscles. Smith machine bench press is very helpful for doing the bench press workout. You will be able to work out well without losing your body balance with the help of the smith machine bar weight.

  • Power Row

Along with exercising, it is also very important to increase your body’s stamina. With the help of Power Raw Exercise, you can increase the stamina of your body. You will need a Smith machine during a power out workout because without this you will not be able to do this work out in the right way.

There are many other workouts that you can do easily with the help of Smith Machine. Here below, we are going to tell you the names of some similar workouts that you can do through the Smith machine:- 

  • Romanian Deadlift
  • Incline- Bench Press
  • Pull – Up
  • Shoulder Press
  • Seated Triceps Overhead
  • Drag Curl etc….

Types of Smith Machine

There are different kinds of smith machines that might come across and it is important to choose the best smith machine for workout and weightlifting ensuring muscle safety which is covered below –

  • Residential Smith Machines

These pieces of equipment are made up of lighter materials, nylon bushing system and grade frames and include features like butterfly attachments, Lat pulldowns, squat cages. They come with a regular plate, 2inch adaptor sleeve, and Olympic plates. This type of machine is mostly used by people at their home and the weight limit is around 300-400 lbs. 

  • Selectorized Smith Machines

This type of equipment has a different bearing style with loaded plates and a barbell attached to a weight stack. This gym equipment comes with a centralized bar attached to a weight stack. People can also adjust the height of the bar and increase the resistance via a stack pin.

  • Commercial Smith Machines

These equipment are known to be stand-alone machines, including stations with plate storage that quickly and easily changes the plates. It also supports and is designed in a way to ensure the safety of users even with heavyweight loads without causing stress on the body during the workout. It also comes with various adjustable features for additional stability and protection. You do not have to struggle with assembling this tool as it comes with larger sections of frames that can be bolted together.

  • All-in-One Smith Machines

This is ideal for individuals who want to lift free weights at home at their convenience. It comes with a plated loaded option with numerous stations like pulldowns, cable crossovers, squat racks, low rows that adds height and footprint. These are multi-functional tools and have more options to workout.

  • Counterbalanced Smith Machines

The steel bars of this machine weight over 45 lbs that help users train and strengthen their triceps and other smaller muscle groups. It comprises guide rods, cables, bushings, and pulleys. The configured steel frame that is attached to the bar helps to pull up the bar during the workout and makes it easy and ensures safety and resistance from any sprain and injury.

  • 3-Dimensional Smith Machines

These types of equipment are unlike other machines and are a combination of vertical and horizontal movements. It also includes built-in features like guide rod, lock-out mechanism, and horizontal bearing that allows users simple weight training and defined motion. This tool performs several conventional and Olympic lifts developing high power and speed. 

  • Angled Smith Machines

This equipment accommodates posture and other forms of exercise and strengthens back muscles. Angled machines have the uncommon feature to change to an angle and are built with a track of 5-7degree angle and offer a range of motion focusing more on the glutes area.

  • Bowflex PR 1000 Home Gym 

If you need a multipurpose gym, then this equipment comes with over 30 different strength exercises. It provides a complete body workout and has a built-in rowing machine that helps consumers enjoy weight training and intensive cardio exercises. It has a resistance between 5 and 210 pounds and satisfies the need for beginners as well as with people who have experience in lifting weight. It offers a variety of workout options and users find it useful giving them maximum benefit. The roller cushions make leg extensions and curls more comfortable. This equipment can be easily assembled with less hassle and people are less injured. You would not need any spotter and is a useful reference for cardio workouts.

  • Deltech Fitness Linear Bearing Smith Machine 

This is the most versatile equipment that you will find with rubber parts with safe lifting without causing any injury. This equipment is equipped with linear roller bearings and an Olympic bar that holds up to 700 pounds and can be customized as per the customer’s choice. It also adds and subtracts weight, with an in-built pull-up bar, this machine is solid, smooth, and used for shrugs, squats, calf raises, shoulders. It is also considered to be one of the best for experienced lifters. 

  • Yukon Caribou III Power Rack

This machine is compact measuring 48x68x85 inches, cost-friendly, and easy to assemble. This tool has a weight limit of 400 pounds and is ideal for the novice or non-experienced people who have started working out. This comes with a chin-up bar and intermediate fitness freaks to strengthen the back. You will find the bench is comfortable and padded with leg and side adjustments. 

Best Smith Machine Manufacturers in India

You can do all these workouts with the help of a good smith machine deadlift. It has become a matter of fact that through the Smith machine can do which type of workouts, but now let us know about some of the famous manufacturers of India who manufacture Smith machines:- 

Zoop Fitness

Zoop Fitness is the best gym equipment manufacturer in the country. The quality and durability of this company are very good as compared to others. Our company is going to the forefront of gym equipment manufacturing and is inventing and making such equipment so that professional gyms can be further upgraded in this digital world. Our company manufactures and distributes all types of gym equipment such as CrossFit, equipment, smith machine row, cable cross machine, treadmills, etc. Our main factory of ZoopFitness is in Jalandhar, Punjab, from where they easily supply their equipment all over India.

S. N. Engineering Works

It is one of the well-known Gym Equipment manufacturer companies of India. This company was formed in 1998. S. N. Engineering Works company is present in Howrah (West Bengal). This company is considered very famous all over India for its gym equipment. Here you have a very good type of Smith machine that you can buy without any hesitation. It is not necessary to say that you will get a good thing here at the right price. This company manufactures mostly all types of smith machines but you can gather more information about the types of machines available at the S.N. Engineering Works by visiting their Facebook pages or twitter handles.

Syndicate Gym Industries

Syndicate Gym Industries is India’s primary Manufacturer authority Gym tools and health equipment company. This company is located in Jalandhar, Punjab. This company makes its gym tools keeping in mind the needs of the people. This company was established in 2003. They manufacture various types of gym equipment. This company is one of the largest gym manufacturer companies in India. Syndicate Gym Industries has it’s twitter handles and Facebook pages as well which will help you to get a good and premium quality smith machine without any hesitation.

DKS sports

Yet another trusted gym equipment manufacturer company. This company claims to give you a rich and exotic supply of gym equipment and especially the smith machine shoulder press. This company imports and exports its a machine and from different neighbouring countries too. They declare themselves one of the best smith machine manufacturers of India although you can establish your trust and bonding with this company through socializing on their social media such as youtube, Facebook, Twitter and it is highly recommended to try the products of this particular company if an individual is interested in a business of gyming equipment this company is partially good for them who are being confused by the buying methods because the buying methods of this company are extremely easy which lead you into an easy deal with the authorities of the company.


Although the ratings are not going so well for this company on google but still the service of this company is remarkable, the company claims that it has supplied its equipment to most parts of India from the past 25 years and you will be able to spot the equipment of this company almost in every gym nearby. Most customers of this company have to say that the customer care authorities pay a visit to their gym most of the time to ensure that all of the gym equipment is working well and well. Another great point about this company is that they have an official website of their own which will draw all of your attraction towards itself but this company gives us all it could within a medium price segment and is a master at smith machines, you can contact them via the numbers provided by them on their official sites in case you aren’t able to communicate with them via their numbers try to contact them on a stable connection such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Fitness World

Once again this is a company someone can easily trust. This company’s engineers are not only experts at creating smith machines but also all-rounders at most of the gym equipment such as bikes, CrossFit equipment, treadmills, etc. Not only this the company claims to be established 25 years ago and is fulfilling the needs of its clients from over 25 years of their span. Being one of the most trustworthy companies of their era they claim to be specialists at smith gyming machines particularly. When you are searching for premium quality equipment Fitness World should be the biggest and most trusted priority for you. 

Nowadays smith machines have become modern and beneficial parts of Gyms leading to the rate of smith machines being bought per year to increase and prosper. The companies mentioned above are the most trusted gym manufacturer companies in India. You can easily go for any of them without any hesitation.

Related Questions

Is it bad to squat on a Smith machine? 

It is very important to ensure that you properly exercise squats. Any form of exercise if done improperly or without taking appropriate measures can be harmful and lead to injury. Smith tool is a very useful and self-reliant machine, for which you do not require any spotter if you do it in the right manner. You need to be very careful while using this equipment and not suffer any injury.

Why is the Smith machine bad? 

The Certain constraints involve stabilizing muscles allowing to put pressure in lifting heavier weights and engaging muscle mass which might be dangerous for anybody and might lead to injury and affect the muscular joints as it does not allow free movement of body muscles. It also does not show the training log. Due to stiffness in the body, there are chances of shear stress on the knees, neck, or back. It is important that free-weight exercises are performed safely to not inherit any danger that involves weight.

Is Valor fitness BE-11 smith machine good? 

Valor Fitness is high-quality equipment, easy and simple to operate smoothly. It allows gliding effortlessly and has linear bearings and weight capacity. This tool is reasonable and comes with a solid steel frame with a great weight capacity of 1000 lb and convenient to assemble. It is designed in such a way to provide comfort to fitness enthusiasts without causing harm during the workout.

What is a Smith machine used for? 

Smith machine is a great tool for weight lifting, straight up and down movement, and used for strength training mostly by inexperienced or new strength trainees. It is useful because it is a self-spotting device and not to be re-racked after a set of repetitions. It is a multipurpose tool and is used in different forms of exercises like squats, bench press, barbell-based free weight exercises, shoulder presses, lunges, and calf raises and rows for the lower and upper body. 

Does Smith’s machine reduce weight? 

As the smith machine is a multipurpose machine and used to do squats and other lower body exercises hence it is beneficial in weight loss. Without any assistance, it helps to stabilize the weight. Due to its simple and easy usage, it does not require much energy to work on this machine and builds strength. You can focus on getting the best workout using this machine allowing you to get stronger and build muscle mass.

Is Marcy combo smith machine is good? 

This is a great workout tool with 400 pounds of the weight limit and pocket-friendly in which you can invest without thinking much. It has different features, highly durable, and designed as per the user’s choice with the best quality. It helps tone your thighs, build & strengthen muscles and arms with a combination of the pull-up bar. This machine comes with a wide range of exercises and padded bench which is very comfortable for back during workouts.


We have already discussed the smith machine price in India so you can easily purchase it. You can easily do certain exercises easy like shrugs, rows, and shoulder presses. They also provide peace of mind and additional safety when you are using lightweight for bench press or squats. These pieces of equipment are a smooth, safer, and controlled form of training the group muscles for people who are not much experienced in lifting weight.

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