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Smith Machine Manufacturers and Supplier in Kolkata

Did you know how useful a smith machine is for weight training? A smith machine is must-have equipment if you are planning to do weight training to lose your weight quickly. The smith machine has a rod which is balanced. Its bar is fixed with the rails and is very useful for beginners as it helps in keeping the body posture straight and does not use too many body muscles for exercising. This does not overstrain the joints or spine. It helps in stabilizing the body while workouts. Weights of a smith machine can be altered according to the strength and height of a person. So if you are planning to set up a gym, Smith machine should be home gym equipment all in one. 

What is a Smith Machine?

Smith machines are used for performing heavyweight training. Weight training is used to lose weight quickly. Smith machine counterweights body weight. This machine allows us to use more weight than free weights can. It positions the body and restricts body movement. When we use this machine it only allows up and down movement. Exercising on this machine helps to increase lower body strength. A Smith Machine is used to do heavyweight strength training workouts. This helps to work on the lower body muscles, gluteal muscles and hips. Doing squats and lifts becomes very easy with a smith machine. The smith machine also has safety checks. In this article, we will discuss the best gym equipment brands in Kolkata.

Best Smith Machine Manufacturers in Kolkata


Zoopfitness is one of the best manufacturers in India. Our target customers are very cooperative. We have all types of Gym equipment supply chain and distribution networks. Our machines can be easily ordered online, you will get exactly the same product as per the photo of the website. We assist customers through video conference to install every equipment. Tutorial videos are also available to help you to install. We sell the Gym Equipment at wholesale price. There is no doubt we are the best Fitness and Gym Equipment service provider and seller in Indian Gym Equipment Industry. Zoopfitness has progressed hugely in India. We mainly serve the Gym Equipment and Commercial Fitness Equipment mainly for Health Clubs, Commercial Gym, Housing gyms, Corporate Fitness Centres and Industries. Our price range is also very affordable and worth the quality products.

DKS Sports Gym Equipment Manufacturer

DKS Sports Manufacturer has a huge reputation as a great fitness material factory and dealer. Among these groups of various gym equipment, you can have the best smith machine, cycles, steppers & treadmills and so on. Their products are effective for so many customers and all given positive reviews about their machines. They have a lot of gym equipment that will help you to grow your home gym business.

Bharat Machine Tools Industries

Whatever gym machine names you mention Bharat machine tools manufacturing industry has it all. This manufacturer has the best variety of Smith Machine. Smith machines of different weights and sizes are produced in this Bharat Machine Manufacturing Company. Their technicians make low maintenance machines with good raw steel. They are also known for their good customer service. They have their services online and offline as well. It is a one-stop solution for all fitness lovers. You will get all kinds of equipment here. Bharat Machine is a very renowned manufacturer of gym machines in and around Kolkata.

Power Break Fitness

Power Break Fitness is another gym equipment shop near me. They are best in offering exercise and wellness equipment. They manufacture a large number of machines like Smith machine, Treadmill, Exercise Bike, Massagers, Multi Gyms, Cross Trainer. They help their clients to set up a commercial gym as well. If you are based in Kolkata, they have their store beautifully set up, you can visit their store. If not you can order online as well. They have some amazing offers and deals. They give a tough competition with their unbeatable price to the fellow manufacturers.

Nundy Fitness

Nundy Fitness’ improved fleet of the weight training accessories keeps your capability up. You can choose from their huge collection of Smith machines, squat rack, power tack & free weights. Their team of product developers and engineers are always ready to maintain a pulse on the fitness industry and they provide the most user-friendly and innovative machines in the market. Nundy Fitness has the highest quality commercial accessories available to the users. These machines come furnished with trendy technology and are designed as per the best needs of their customers. They are set up and tested to overcome the needs of continuous use for the extraordinary importance over the method of ownership.

Syndicate gym

Syndicate manufacturers are present all over India and are one of the best manufacturing stores of Kolkata. Syndicate started manufacturing from the year of 1980 from Jalandhar, Punjab. They manufacture advanced smith machines, cross trainers, power racks, cable crossover, squat stands, barbells, indoor fitness equipment, outdoor fitness equipment and all the equipment you need to set up a modern and attractive gym. All these equipment are made with perfection and accuracy by advanced engineers. They manufacture commercial-grade equipment which is of high quality and durability. Their machines are of flawless designs made with perfect accuracy and sold by their sales team. They also export their machinery out of the country. They sell their equipment at a reasonable price so that common people can also fulfil their wish of setting up a gymnasium of their own.

Final words

Neither setting up a gym in the 21st century is difficult and nor is finding customers for your gym as everyone looks after their health and wishes to be fit. But having the best gym machinery is the need of the hour, the best machinery will fetch you good quality of the customers who are weight lifters or professionals of the state or of the nation. They will not only be your good clients but bring name and fame to your most ordinary gym studio.







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