Single Twister Machine 

Single Twister Machine – Here is Everything You Must Know!

It is not surprising that health and fitness have become some of the most important aspects of today’s lifestyle. More and more people are flocking to the gyms and fitness studios and taking a monthly and sometimes even a year-long membership in the gymnasium. People go to the gym for various reasons, to lose or gain some mass, to get a lean and chiselled physique, or to attain the normal BMI.

In this situation, planning to set up a gymnasium for the public is one of the most profitable ideas for entrepreneurs since more and more people are looking for a membership. A gym is equipped with lots of machines. One of the most popular gym equipment machines is a single twister machine

What is a single twister machine?

Single Twister machine is one of the most used gym implements by the gym-goers for waist training exercises. Using this equipment can help in working the core part of the body especially the waist area and is very useful in burning down the waist fat and is also very effective in curtailing belly fat. Single twister machine, as the name suggests has a single handle to hold and a rotating disk that moves in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction consecutively. Since its introduction in gyms around the world, it has gained massive popularity among people who want to get a lean physique. It greatly helps in reducing the waist size and belly fat by burning down the fats in those areas. It is widely recommended by gym instructors to models and actors who want to tone down and look presentable in front of the camera, although it requires regular practice in the gym, to attain the desirable results. Most experts suggest a training period of a month or two in the single twister machine. 

What are the specifications of Single Twister Machine? 

Being one of the most important gym fitness equipment, it is also one of the most demanded machines in the market for people who want to set up a gymnasium or for those who want to set up a workout space at home. Its specifications stand as 122 cm in height, 92 cm in length, and 31 cm in width. Its frame is constructed of a cast-iron structure. The standard weight of the machine stands at 120 kg. 

How much does a single twister machine cost in India?

According to the popular digital consumer market, a standard single twister machine can cost at a range of 5000/- to 12,500/- INR  based on the requirement of the buyer and the supplier who is supplying the equipment to you. If you are in a budget constraint in procuring the products, there are several suppliers who can get you the fitness equipment at a low-cost range from second-hand sources. Fitness First, one United Kingdom-based firm dealing with the construction and supply of gym instruments expertise in developing and refurbishing the old procured fitness instruments and selling it in the market. In fact, the second-hand gym equipment market is also rapidly growing throughout the world. The second-hand products are good in quality and fit for use after refurbishing, and has helped a lot of people who want to set-up a gym space and want to make a name in the fitness industry with limited or facing a shortage of budget. In 2020, many online markets can help and assist buyers and entrepreneurs interested in this line of business. 

What exercises can be done on a SIngle Twister Machine?

As discussed earlier, the main reason why everyone is attracted to use a Single Twister Machine is to mainly workout on their belly and waist area and achieve a leaner and slim physique while setting the chub from those places. The person who is interested in reducing the tummy and waist size can use this machine effectively and regularly. One of the most popular cardio exercises of tummy twisting is facilitated by this equipment. This is clockwise and anti-clockwise twisting of the middle body in a repetitive manner so that part of the body is exerted and the desired outcome is achieved. As so many people want to do the twisting exercise, more and more orders are placed on the dealers who own a gym equipment business. 

Zoopfitness – Best Single Twister Machine Manufacturer in India

Zoopfitness is one of the leading firms in India, we deal with manufacturing and trading of sports gym equipment. We offer a wide range of options in gym machinery and equipment like chest press, dumbbells and barbells, all single stations, functional trainer, smith machine and various other types of equipment. One of the most popular instruments manufactured by this company, and has been doing it since the last 35 years is the single twister machine. Zoopfitness as a company provides exclusive promise and guarantee about the products being of the finest quality and matching international standards made using highly advanced technologies of international standards. Apart from having their own manufacturing stock, we also provide exclusive and premium collections of products made in the United States and in China. 

As a company, we claim to provide a qualified group of engineers and technicians, who provide customers with the machines built in accordance with the international standards. Zoopfitness is currently based out of the state of Tripura in India and currently has a tie-up with gym equipment manufacturing brand, Body Fit Line based in Jalandhar, Punjab.

Final Words

Setting up a gymnasium or a fitness studio is one of the most lucrative business ideas in this economic structure. As more people are being conscious of their health and fitness, more people are seeking membership in the gym each passing day. Health and Fitness Industry is continuously witnessing an upward growth in recent years. As a result, more and more entrepreneurs are coming up with the idea to set up a gymnasium and try their luck in this market. If you are interested in this venture should get a proper idea about the gym fitness equipment and should learn about the right suppliers who can get them the items at a reasonable price. 







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