Plate Stand for Gym Price, Benefits, Manufacturer in India

Are you planning to open a gym? Then you must know that there are certain fundamentals to run the gymnasium business perfectly. Just having some workout instruments is not enough. Yes, people come to the gym to exercise to achieve a healthy body and mind and these instruments hold a very important position in the gym culture. And another important aspect of gym culture is weight training. For this purpose, it is important to have a lot of different kinds of weight plates, sometimes simply referred to as plates. These weight plates along with dumbbells and barbells form the most important aspect of weight training. If a gym can be compared to an ancient temple, these weight plates are the treasure. And the structure built to hold these plates are called plate stands, or treasure chest.

What are these plate stands used in the gyms?

Plate stands are these large iron structure built with protruding sticks to hold weight plates of different kinds. The sizes of the weight plates vary upon the types of weight plates they are carrying. Weight plates are of different types. The standard plates have a central hole of one-inch diameter, while the Olympic plates have a central hole of two inches. The standard plates have different denominations available in the market, the common ones being 1.5 kg, 2.5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg and the rare ones being 0.5 kg, 7.5 kg, and 25 kg plates.  The different denominations of Olympic plates that are commonly available in the market are 1.25 kg, 2.5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg, and 25 kg while the rare ones include 0.25 kg, 0.5 kg, and 50 kg. 

How much a plate stand cost in India?

Weight Plate stands are also referred to as Weight Plate Racks. The name of these structures varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. According to Indiamart, the first digital marketplace of India, standard plate stand or plate rack can fall between the range of 5000/- to 15000/- INR. Gym owners and dealers can explore and look for their desired deal either online or can take consultancy from various dealers available in the market. There are various second-hand dealers available in the market who can provide you with the best quality gym equipment available that comes easy on the pocket. Even though these instruments are not directly used for any exercise or training, these are like the treasure chests of a gym. Having a lot of these would help in making a valuable collection of different types of weights which are some of the most valuable gym materials. These weights are generally made of cast iron and range from 0.25 kg to 50 kg. 

What are the uses of the plate stands in the gym?

As discussed earlier, the plate stands, also known as the plate racks are also called the treasure chest of the gym. These structures are used to hold the most important treasure of any gym or fitness studio, the weights. These weights come in different sizes and dimensions. People interested in lifting weights can select one of their choices and start their training from the plate stand. The plate stands are designed so that one type of weights are arranged one by one according to the specifications. The weight trainers can easily mark and get the desired weights required for their weight training. So this also affirms the statement that these items are truly a treasure chest.

What are the benefits of the plate stands in gyms?

Plate stands are some of the most useful accessories for the gym. As discussed earlier these items are the treasure chest if the gym is an ancient abandoned temple. These treasure chests hold the most valuable treasures of the gym, which are the weights. That weights are generally heavy, round structures made of cast iron, and are generally used by people interested in weight training. Gym stands have systematic arrangements and steups where the weights can be arranged in a systematic order. The design to put such weights in a systemic order makes it easier for people who are looking for a particular weight. This makes it easier for all, the gym attenders, the instructors as well as the gym supervisors to have a check. 

Zoopfitness: Best plate stand for gym manufacturer in India

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Final Words

Opening and running a gym is no easy task. It is important that people who are interested in this line of business know the basics and works hard to fulfil these criteria. A gym doesn’t only require machines to workout, but also there are a lot of accessories which are equally important to set up a successful gym. A plate stand is one of them. The main purpose of weight stand is to hold a different type of weights in the stand in a systematic order so that the user can go on and pick up the required weight and stand their training.

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