Leg Press Hammer Strength

Leg Press Hammer Strength: The Ultimate Guide

For a perfect stout body, build your calf muscles, gluteus, hamstrings and quadriceps. The one and only solution are the Leg Press Hammer Strength. This is considered the isolation exercise. Hammer Strength Leg Press reduces the needs to equalize the weights, unlike a barbell squat. It means you could use maximum weights with it. To those people who are suffering from the problem of the lower back, this is an important solution. For a basketball, soccer or football player it is a critical exercise. In these cases, hip and leg strength are very important. You can alter the emphasis relying on your foot position. In this article, you are going to know every Important detail of Hammer Strength Leg Press. Before adding this in your gym, read this article carefully. 

Types of Leg press hammer strength

A proper Leg press hammer strength machine is important gym equipment to shape your lower body parts within a certain period. You can find a different kind of Leg press hammer strength depending on your workout criteria. Some of them are:

Iso-Lateral leg press (ILLP) hammer strength

The Iso-Lateral Leg Press had been introduced based upon human movement blueprint. There are different weight horns are engaged and independently diverge the path of action for muscle stimulation variation and equal strength growth. The footplates and seat pads are structured and angled to decrease tension and undesirable stress. The starting resistance is 8.3 kg (18 lbs). The steel frame’s size is 11-gauge and it assures maximum structural quality. The finishing powder coat of every frame is electrostatic and ensures higher durability and adhesion. The dimension of a critical Iso-Lateral Leg Press is 180 cm x 150 cm x 154 cm (Length x Weight x Height). The weight of an Iso-Lateral leg press (ILLP) hammer strength is generally 275 kg (605 lb). The size and weight vary a little on the brands.

Vertical leg press hammer strength

It is prepared to perform a strength workout which yields results. This is not so exclusive but meant for everybody ready to start working out. The stainless steel hand bar size is 25 x 2.5 x 400mm. There are 7 pieces of hold plates on each side and the weight of the total plate is 125kg to 175 kg depending on the brand. The seat pads are durable, comfortable & beautiful. This particular equipment is used to modify the calf muscles. Before purchasing a Vertical leg press hammer strength confirms your requirements.

Unilateral leg press hammer strength

This equipment is user-friendly and no need to worry about space. It is basically used to build-up hamstrings and quadriceps. If you are a sportsman then it’s the necessary equipment to strengthen your leg. The stainless steel pipe and plates are specially prepared with long-lasting colour coating. Unilateral leg press hammer strength is a must buy equipment for a gym setup. The 20 x 3 x 450mm size makes it well decorated and the weight ( basically 150kg to 200 kg) is apt for any lower body exercise.

Hammer Strength Leg Extension

These types of hammer strength accessories are well designed and grips with aluminium collars. This feature prevents a Hammer Strength Leg Extension from slipping when you are using it. The weight plates on the top portion are fixed with bushing which is self-lubricated. The weight selectors pin magnetically lock in place & are added to the stack to avoid loss dropdown accumulative weight system. This equipment is so much helpful to build up a muscular figure with a proper workout.

Hammer Strength Leg Curl

The stress of lower back past is minimized by the divergent curve between hip & chest pads & the flexible start position contributes 5 several starting points. This Hammer Strength Leg Curl is a basic part of any strength training cycle. When you are working out, always try to spend time in it for a better shape. 

Hammer Strength Hack Squat

This amazing equipment is designed to adjust various people with the training notion of the linear press. On a guide rod, the linear bearings supply an incredibly smooth motion. The Hammer Strength Hack Squat is a simple flip in & out racking handle that allows you to fix the desired stop or start position. There are many limiters offering added security.

Among them, a Hammer Strength Plate loaded leg Press is very important gym equipment in building up your lower body part. Influenced in pioneering endurance activity of the Hammer Strength plate-loaded gym equipment. Awareness of the way our body moves builds natural & effective workouts.

Best Leg press hammer strength Manufacturers in India

Look! We think you have already got the basic information about Leg press hammer strength equipment. But the thing is how to purchase it? Here are some best manufacturers of Leg press hammer strength. 


When you are searching for the best gym equipment manufacturer, you can contact us. We have a huge collection of different gym equipment and we are providing Hammer Strength Leg press benefits to our customers. Customer satisfaction with quality equipment is the aim of our business. Our fitness experts will guide you at every short of your needs from selecting the best equipment to installing It in your gym or home.

Syndicate Gym Equipment Manufacturer

You can also get a perfect collection of Hammer Strength Leg press in Syndicate Gym Equipment Manufacturer. Not only this, but you can also purchase Hammer Strength Chest Press from here at an affordable price. Just visit their website and select your choice from their well-decorated catalogue. After ordering online, you will get a confirmation call. After competition this step you will get your desired gym and fitness equipment at your doorsteps. 

Let’s sum up

You have already got clear knowledge from this article. Even you can get the information of Leg press hammer strength price from the manufacturers’ website. To lead a healthy and fit life, working out is a must-do job in daily life. So, try to use the Leg press hammer strength machine in your gym to get a well-shaped and attractive figure!






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