Imported Gym Machines Vs Made in India Machines: Which One to Choose?

It is a tricky task when it comes to choosing a gym machine. Whether to choose an imported gym machine or made in India machine, it has always been a difficult job. People usually compromise with the price and features while choosing or buying gym equipment ignoring other important things. They forget choosing made in India machines they can literally encourage or support India. People can seriously contribute their part by choosing made in India machines for India’s growth and development.

In India also there are various gym equipment brands which we can entirely rely on or can trust. Let’s discuss further supporting made in India machines.

What is an imported gym set up?

Apparently, imported here means from outside. In other words, things either products or services which belong to the outside of the country or abroad brought into their own country for sale. And here imported gym set up means designing or building a gym set up by bringing the gym equipment from abroad and installing it for regular use. 


  • It comes with advanced features focussing on compatibility which attract most of the people.
  • This helps in adopting modern and best techniques for a work out for the effective result.
  • Tax settlement in a few products when there is the availability of gym equipment for sale which can be benefitted.
  • Helps in growing or developing Indian market as there are many products which we have to depend on import due to no availability in the local market.


  • It includes import duty tax and other taxes which make the products or services expensive.
  • Limited chances of replacement of the equipment if any defects appear.
  • Sometimes servicing this imported equipment becomes tougher and hardly possible.
  • It is risky and involves a lengthy process in dealing with obtaining the documents and licence for imported products.

What is a made in India gym set up?

Well, considering Indian gyming machines for setting up any gym we can call made in India gym set up. We should always promote Indian gym machines and try to set up every gym with made in India gym equipment especially if one wants to build and support their own gym or indirectly the nation with respect and appreciation.


  • It is Good for a traditional workout which also can work effectively if we devote ourselves.
  • It helps in promoting made in India gym equipment which is an important factor for the people who support the nation.
  • It deals with the great quality equipment which people can trust or can depend on.
  • It is available at a very reasonable price which everyone can afford or can buy.


  • Lack of upgradation of equipment as it costs too much which makes equipment outdated and old.
  • Sometimes a few types of equipment cost a lot when it involves high-quality material for evolution or advancement.
  • It requires regular maintenance to keep the equipment last for long which becomes difficult.
  • Gym equipment like Treadmill price is high which is very common gym equipment.

Why it’s good idea to boycott imported gym setup and to adopt made in India?

As earlier mentioned one important factor is that by boycotting imported gym setup we actually can contribute to the development of India by encouraging made in India gym setup. This can boost Indian manufacturers to advance their equipment where they can develop new techniques or ideas to develop their equipment for the benefits of the users. Also, it would be cost-effective if we support made in India as it would not include any Import Tax. By boycotting imported gym setup we can subsidize gym equipment India.

Adding further to it, let’s take an example of India manufacturing vs china manufacturing to make people more understanding about why it’s a good idea to boycott imported gym setup. In India, most of the products are imported from China which people find at a very cheap price compromising the quality and durability. Aiming to enlarge the market China develops cheap products with their cheap resources to attract the people which last for a short time period and become useless. But in India manufacturers always try to make a good and high-quality product by using good materials to gain trust and to maintain a good relationship which costs them hard work and little high price material, hence becomes expensive. This is the answer for people who want to know why is manufacturing more expensive in India than China? Let’s support made in India machines and help India for the development and boycott all the imported machines especially machines which belong to China.

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Final words

Probably, above-mentioned information is enough to understand people about imported gym set-up and made in India gym set-up which has been clarified nicely in an easy way. Also explained how they are different and beneficial to the people as well as to the country. Now one can easily choose or decide about the gym equipment while buying and can surely choose the made in India gym set-up or any products proudly and with respect for directly contributing to the Indian market and to the nation which will help both in growing together. If you think about your own country, you will definitely get more and more from them. 

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