Hexa Dumbbell Price, Types, Manufacturer in India

In present days, everybody wants to stay fit and for maintaining their fitness they workout or exercise. There are some people who prefer going to the gym for maintaining appropriately under the guidance of trainers and there are also some people who prefer doing a workout at their home on their own. And for their workout, there is numerous equipment which the user can simply use and work out with it for their gaining muscles or for other fitness purposes. Like other equipment, there is one very common equipment known as  Hexa Dumbbell which is commonly found everywhere including gym, home, including Dumbbell manufacturer near me. Let’s discuss further to know more about Hexa Dumbbell.

What is Hexa Dumbbell?

One of the very simple and common equipments which is used for developing biceps especially. This dumbbell is uniquely developed as it has a rubber weight rather than an iron weight which encourages users to use with less risk and easy grip. This Hexa dumbbell set comes with a different weight which one can choose as per their ability and willingness. Example-  If one is capable of lifting 10kg then he or she can use a Hex Dumbbell set 10kg.

How much does Hexa Dumbbell cost in India? 

In India, Hex Dumbbells price varies in different price ranges which depends on the quality and on their rubber weight. Lower the weight lower will be the price and higher the weight higher will be the price. It is also one of the very inexpensive gym equipment which everybody can buy if one wants to focus or develop particularly on biceps. Dumbbell manufacturers in Mumbai sell these dumbbells at a minimum price per kg. So as per required Kg, one can pay the price for this Hex dumbbell. 

What are the types of Hexa Dumbbell?

If we talk about types of Hex Dumbbell then there are various different varieties which can easily get delivered by Dumbbell manufacturers in Delhi. Let’s know its various types in brief.

  • Fixed or Static Rubber Dumbbells

This Fixed or Static Rubber Dumbbell exists to be the best for everyone especially for those who are seeking for a tough and heavy wearing and powerful dumbbell for their personal use or for a commercial gym which will help in withstanding the daily invective of a busy structure. The major advantage of this rubber dumbbell is that it proposes a defensive outer coating which preserves both the holding stand and the surrounding hoisting space. It also helps to lessen the noise when they are knocked down by the trainees or trainers. 

  • Fixed Urethane Dumbbells

This dumbbell called Fixed Urethane Dumbbells is another incredibly best and popular dumbbell considered as the premium commercial device option. This dumbbell is almost similar to the Fixed or Static Rubber Dumbbell with other various benefits in the performance which make this dumbbell little more premium by its price tag. Urethane dumbbells are powerful and stronger than the rubber which proves harder to cause maquillage damage to this dumbbell as its outer layers are one of the toughest and resistant to the chips, marks and scratches that appear sometimes in the rubber weight dumbbell.

  • Fixed Hexa Dumbbells

This dumbbell is named as Fixed Hex Dumbbell due to its unique shapes which happen to be in a hexagon shape which helps in placing easily on the floor preventing rolling around unlike usual round weight dumbbells. This dumbbell has a huge benefit if users are frequently using them by putting them on the floor and picking up while working out switching between exercises or weight. Hex dumbbells are extraordinary for ground-based exercises like dumbbell push-ups for their strengthened stability which also appears to be cheaper than standard rubber dumbbells. It is also useful in storing if someone lacks to have a rack for placing or storing.

  • Fixed Chrome Dumbbells

These chrome dumbbells are also known as metal dumbbells which are one of the oldest dumbbells but used to be very famous in the past for their metal body and its iron cast weight and appears to be a cheaper alternative to other standard rubber dumbbells and urethane dumbbells. These also arrive in hex shapes and other classic shapes with solid and strong metal or iron for heavy and huge lifting habitat.

What are the exercises you can do with Hexa Dumbbell?

There are numerous exercises which one can perform with Hexa Dumbbell which are listed below.

  •  Bench Press:- It is one of the common and best dumbbell exercises for the chest which one can perform with the Hexa Dumbbell.
  • Interchanged biceps curl:- Another exercise which has to be in the list of dumbbell exercises is alternated or interchanged biceps curl which is performed to enhance the biceps muscles.
  • Shoulder Press:- This exercise is performed for the shoulder muscles by using a dumbbell which is also suitable for the dumbbell exercises.
  • Triceps Kickback:-  This exercises also falls under the dumbbell exercises which user usually perform to strengthen the triceps muscles.
  • Lateral Raise:- This dumbbell exercise is the best way to target especially the shoulder muscles, particularly on exterior deltoid muscles.
  • Lying Fly:- Another dumbbell exercise which is similar to the bench press for the chest muscles as this exercise also requires bench but the difference is it helps in managing the triceps muscles from the action.

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Final Words

Last, in gyming or in any workout Hexa dumbbell is the usual one which almost every user prefer to perform with as these dumbbells are useful in all types of work out which also appears to be inexpensive and easily available in the market if one wishes to buy for their gym or for personal use and can also buy online on Hex dumbbells online India.

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