Hammer Rowing Machine Price, Types, Manufactuers in India

If you like to do gym, then a hammer rowing machine is your must. Rowing can also give you a good cardio workout. Rowing results in better functioning of the various muscles in your body. If you want to do the gym at home, you should choose your suitable rowing machine. If you have more space in your home then you can buy any kind of rowing machine. But if you live in a flat or you have less space in your house then you need to buy a folding rowing machine. Below we present the list of best rowing machines according to your needs.

Several types of Hammer Rowing Machine


The Hammer COBRA XT Rowing machine is a powerful, durable rowing machine made of steel and aluminium. Where other machines come with 8 manual consistent resistance levels, this machine comes with 10 resistance levels so you can get long term results. The machine has an LCD display screen that lets you see how much time you exercised or how many calories you burned. This will help you work towards your goal. This will allow you to set goals and make sure that goals are being met. This is a fold-capable rowing machine. This allows you to fold and store it when you do not use it. This machine is equipped with wheels. As a result, you can easily move it to any part of your home. You will get a 2-year warranty on this machine so if anything goes wrong within 2 years you will not have to incur any extra cost to fix it.

Marcy Foldable

Weighing in at 300 pounds, this Mercy foldable rowing machine is great for home use. Using this machine strengthens the various muscles in your body and increases cardiovascular endurance. This machine makes the training as easy and successful as you need. This Hydraulic rowing machine has a functional LCD that allows you to determine how much time you spent on exercise, time, and calories. This is a folding Rowing machine. So when you don’t use it, you can fold it and store it anywhere in the house. It has wheels so you can easily move it anywhere. It has adjustable straps so it can easily hold the shape of your feet. It has 8 preset resistance levels on the ME-1018RE to control the intensity of your work. For the protection and comfort of your feet, we have added large pivoting paddles so that your feet will be safe and smooth.

York Fitness R301

The York Fitness Rowing machine cardio is very good for muscle performance. It has 16 levels of resistance and is designed to provide body cardiovascular workouts. It is a fielding rowing machine with wheels. So when you don’t use it, you can easily fold it and move it anywhere in the house. It can carry a maximum load of 1 kg. This machine is designed in such a way that it can improve your fitness and indicate that you can lose a lot more weight in the future. This machine has 15 workout pro training programs that help your body condition and lose weight. It also has 10 pre-trainings that you will love. This rowing machine is quite comfortable and safe for your feet. It has a 7-inch blue backlit LCD display. As a result, you can move forward with your goals and make sure you know how much time you spent, how many calories you burned.

Body Trac Glider

This body track is made of aluminium and steel in the hydraulic rowing machine. It is a very affordable machine. This is a folding Rowing machine technique. As a result, it is suitable for your small home. It has 6 levels of resistance. It can weigh up to a maximum of 250 pounds. It has adjustable leg straps so the legs are set very well. It has an LCD display, so you can confirm the total stroke of calorie-burning time. This machine uses hydraulic pressure so you can lose resistance when you work out for long periods.

Best Hammer Rowing Machine Manufacturers in India


Zoopfitness is India’s top gym manufacturer. Our company supplies products to different parts of India. Here high-quality gym equipment is made from several raw materials. Here the products are prepared to keep in mind the expectations and aspirations of the customers. In addition to our own products, various foreign products are kept in the collection here. The products are made using advanced quality engineering methods. Here you will find the best quality Kettler rowing machines. Get all kinds of rowing machines from low price to high price. There are many options for folding routing machines. There are 8 to 25 program training options for old rowing machines. Here you can choose the rowing machine according to your requirements. Each of our rowing machines helps you reach your weight loss goals. We have an online service available here so that our people can deliver the product to your doorstep as soon as you place an order at your home.

Modcon Industries Pvt. Limited

Modcon Industries Pvt. Limited Outdoor Gym Equipment Store. Gym equipment and all kinds of equipment are available here. Products are not made using high-quality raw materials as per the demand of the customers. There is no compromise on customer expectations. Here advanced technology is applied during product production. Here you will find the rowing machine of your choice. You will find many more types of rowing machines, including folding or more programming training. Online services are also available here, so you can choose the product you need at home.


¬†Rowing machines help your body move different muscles. As a result, your body stays healthy and strong. We’ve now listed some of the best rowing machines and mentioned where you can buy them. If your home is small and space is limited, you should choose a folding rowing machine. Now you can buy a rowing machine as per your choice and budget and use it at home.

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