Hammer Pull Down Machine

Hammer Pull Down Machine Price, Types, Alternatives, Manufacturers

Want to make a perfect body? A Hammer pull down is the easiest way to make that. One of the best exercises that you can do is a single one pulling machine, called the hammer to pull down the machine.

Making a perfect “V” or hourglass-shaped body is a trend now. The primary target of the Hammer pull-down machine is lats. It helps you to grow your lats and squishing your back muscle. It also focuses on shoulders, middle back, and chest.

Types of hammer pull down

There are several types of hammer pulldowns are described below-

Reverse-grip hammer pull-down

The reverse-grip hammer pull-down mainly works on the lower parts of the and lats, also works on forearms biceps. It energizes your lower lats and gives dense and full lats. It is similar to hammer pull down but in this exercise, you have to pull the bar reversely on underhand. It is also called underhand pull-down.

Step 1: Follow the same seating procedure of hammer pull-down.

Step 2: Grab the bar slightly closer than your shoulders wide.

Step 3: Pull the bar and touch it to your upper chest. While this u have to breathe out.

Step 4: Now leave the bar and breathe in.

Hammer Row

Doing this exercise you need a machine called a Hammer row machine. This is equipment almost every gym has. It’s an effective machine for your backs. It gives thickness on your back. All you have to keep your stomach against the pad and slightly angle your back backwards. Now grip those handles wide and pull it towards your chest. When you are doing exercise you have to be careful that your target muscle must be squelched.

Rope Straight arm Pull-down

 The Rope straight arm pull-down is a great exercise to thicker your lats in an isolated way. You can do this exercise using a single small rod or fit grip triceps rope. All you need to focus on the posture of your body in this exercise. Attach the rod or the rope with the pulling machine. The attachment must be up to your head. Your arms must be stiff, slightly band but not fully band. Your chest must be out, and your back will be straight, Hips slightly out, knees slightly bend and the distance of the feet is a shoulder with the part. For the rod, the grip will be thumbless and for rope, the grip will be different. Now start pulling the rod or the rope to the thighs.

Seated cable row

For the wideness of your back, this is the most expensive exercise. Seated cable row is the most effective exercise for those who have a lower back problem. At first, you have to sit on a seated cable row machine (which is available in every gym) now grab the “V” grip and pull it to your chest. Your chest must be up and back must be depressed. Now do it repeatedly.

Hammer Pull-down alternatives

There are 3 best alternative ways of hammer pull-down

  • Pull up: The best alternative of lat pull-down is pull up. It works on various muscles and helps us to give a “V” shape structure and wide back.
  • One-armed dumbbell rowing: One of the best exercises for the back is one arm rowing. It works on the downside of the lats.
  • Face Pull: For this, you need to fit the grip triceps rope. Attach this fit grip triceps rope in a pulling machine. You need to pull this rope towards your face and squelch your shoulders’ muscle.

Hammer pull down manufacturers in India

You got the basic details of this machine but where can you buy this one? We got the best manufacturers in India for Hammer pull-down machines. It is very important to find the best product that will be durable for long years with less maintenance. So let’s have a look! 


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After reading this article you have got the knowledge of Hammer pull-down. To make a perfect “v” shape structure, an attractive back, and a fit life u have to do work out every day. So, use the Hammer pull-down machine in our house or gym to get a wide back. All the price and other details you can have from the manufacturer website we have mentioned above. It is very important to choose the best manufacturer for purchasing the best equipment for your gym. 







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