Gym Setup Under 10 Lakhs: Ultimate Guide

Did you just miss the exciting offer which is going out? It is the most profitable investment in the market now!

The High budget gym setup is not just a dream now. Just a market survey and some perfect preparation can make your business successful. In this competitive world, this is so hard to get a suitable platform that can make your fortune good. That’s why I have some good suggestions for starting your gym business.

Benefits of Setting up high budget gym setup

Here are some essential reasons why you have to invest the maximum amount than anybody in the gym business.

  • The enthusiasm to invest in a gym to make it fitness hub

Nowadays fitness has become the topmost preference for the public in India. Educated people are ready to invest their money to fit and fine for the future. You can decorate your gym with all the updated equipment. Safety and facilities should be modern and user-friendly to attract people.

  • Don’t compromise with little needs to decorate the gym

The multi gym is a new trend in India!

There is some gym centre where men and women both work out every time. So if you want to open a gym centre for both men and women, you must fix some little things. The separate washroom and separate position of their separate training space. These small points will increase the demand for your gym centre.

  • Invest more in some gym related product

You will be more beneficial if you can invest your money intelligently. You can sell the supplements for the bodybuilders and the public. You will get profit from that also. You can provide shoes or dresses for the public who will come to your gym centre. Your friendly nature and availability of every gym-related product will grow your profit.

  • Availability of updated and trendy equipment

First, you have to know about the competitor gym in the locality. You have to know about their facilities and equipment. After considering everything you have to invest in particular sectors that can grow the demand for your gym.

Complete Gym setup under 10 lakhs in India

When you are trying to set up a gym business, then you have to fix a budget and calculate the expenditures sincerely. If you want to set up a gym anywhere in India you have to invest around 10 to 30 lakhs. The express gym, cardio equipment, box kind gym including the floor will cost between 70 lakhs to 1Cr. for the area around 4000 to 5000 sq ft.

A total-fledged club cost up to 2 cr.

If you are looking for some exciting offers, then you can visit You can buy the most essential products within only 10 lakhs.

I can share the equipment and the price range I bought.

The most important equipment in a gym is the Incline bench press. It’s price starts at 11000 only. You won’t get it anywhere at this minimum price.

Declined bench press and Flat bench press both start from Rs. 11000 only.

The cable cross over or Functional trainer is the most useful equipment in a gym. You will get this equipment within Rs. 460000.

The Lat pully and a smith machine within a range of 30,000 to Rs. 35,000.

We have a great collection of Pec deck fly within Rs. 35,000.

Maximum people in a gym find the leg press hack squat for their lower part exercise. You can have this with a discount and you have to pay about Rs. 42,000 to Rs. 46,000.

Leg extension curl starts from Rs. 35,000.

Many gym centers don’t get Preacher curl. But this is a piece of useful equipment. You can have it at about  Rs. 8000 only.

You have to make a high collection of dumbbells in your gym to provide better assistance to your customer. So there is a package offer of Rs. 125 per kg rate. Buy 400 kg dumbbells set only at 50,000 only to serve your customers in the best way.

You can have the Premium weight plates at the rate of Rs 130 per kg. For the set of 400 kg. You have to pay only 52,000. You can try more expensive items for your gym.

You can take the Olympic bar at the rate of 49ft*Rs.358. All total Rs.17,542 only.

There is a collection of shoulder press hammer at a range of Rs.23,500 and above.

You can buy an adjustable bench at Rs. 7500 only.

To store the dumbbell you have to take a dumbbell stand for Rs. 9000 only.

You have to make an equipment storage area and can buy a weight stand from Rs. 6500, Barbell stand for Rs. 3000, squad rack for Rs. 11500, a T bar at Rs. 8000.

There is some special Hammer chest press at the range between Rs. 26000.

You must have 2 Treadmills to serve maximum people. You will have to pay only Rs. 3,00,000 for a couple of Treadmill.

Beside all these things you have to take a couple of Elliptical at about Rs. 1,50,000 and 2 spin bikes only at Rs. 40,000 only

If you are interested then they negotiate the price also. All these things on Rs. 10 lakhs isn’t a great deal? 

How to apply for loans to set up a new Gym?

For the gym setup under 10 lakhs, the  Mudra Loan of the Government may be an alternative. Otherwise, you can have others too.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Ignore restricted area
  • More than 90k will be Quarterly turnover
  • Partners, Proprietors, LLC & PLC
  • Governing business of stipulated vintage.
  • Credit score should be good

  Documents needed

  • Pan card & valid KYC documents
  • Aadhaar card
  • Clearance certificate
  • Important financial documents 

Loan Application Process

  • First, visit the pertinent portal
  •  fill up a form they will provide and submit with proper documents.
  • Await sanction
  • post-evaluation & vetting of application & the documents.
  • online loan disbursement

Final Words

Our daily lifestyle becomes so hectic and problematic for our health condition & obesity is a problem. Dietitians say people now are more serious about fitness and expanding abdomens. These situations grow the demand for fitness and gym centers all over our country. 

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