Gym Set Up Under 3 Lakhs: The Ultimate Guide

Yes, you read that right. Now you have a gym set up under 3 lakh and I’ll help you to get those hacks done right. But first of all, you need to know what is the importance of a gym and how it can be your daily life goal and you can have a stable business out of it as well.

So the best opportunity you get from having a gym is, you get to be in the fitness world. For the people who are eager to be physically fit and create a great physique, this is the significant part. And with this passion of yours, I will give some exciting yet very convenient ideas. Like, choose a place or a locality where it is very easily accessible for most of the crowd. But wait- there’s more I will explain in brief about a low budget gym setup.

Benefits Of Starting With Low Budget Gym setup

This is the most vital point to understand what are the maximum benefits. Probably you can get spending less amount of capital. The prosperity of your business highly depends on how smartly you adapt and act upon these ideas. But you need to be careful as well regarding your steps if you are only focusing on benefits. So here I am going to take you through some methods which will help to balance between low budget gym setup and the services for your clients-

  • One of the most important points to keep in mind is, at which place you are planning to set your gym. Choose a well-connected place where it will be easier for your clients to reach.
  • Don’t just jump into buying a plot, instead of renting a place. It will help you to maintain your budget.
  • Use such marketing strategies which will cost minimal spending. For example – Business cards, advertise your gym using your account in social media.
  • Invest in Indian brand equipment instead of foreign brand equipment.
  • Try to stand out from the near-by gyms.
  • Be informed of the specifications of your clients.
  • Hire fewer employees and train them well.
  • Graciousness towards the clients should be one the topmost priority as it will help you to get more clients by good reviews.

Likewise, it will help you to motivate and influence your members about their fitness and well-being. It may help you to get a good number of new members. Pitching them about the plans will not be sufficient, you need to be an earful towards your members which automatically generates good prosperity for your business.

Complete Gym Set Up Under 3 Lakhs In India

The total estimation of the equipment and accessories gym setup under 3 Lakhs. You can get this equipment in Zoopfitness- India’s Leading GYM Equipment Suppliers. And to make it easier for the gym owners, they have very exciting offers on gym setup with EMI. So your dream is not too far from having a gym business. For a better idea, you can visit

The most essential equipment in a gym set up is the Incline bench press. It’s price starts at Rs. 9000 only. I assure you, you won’t be able to find it anywhere with such a lucrative price.

Declined bench press and Flat bench press both price starts at Rs. 10000 only.

The Cable cross over or Functional trainer is the most serviceable equipment in a gym. The price range starts at Rs. 40000 only.

Lat Pulley and Smith Machine start from Rs. 30000 only.

Most people in a gym catch the leg press hack squat for their lower part routine. With an unbelievable discount, the range starts from Rs. 38000 only.

Many gym organizations don’t get Preacher Curl. But you will get it here with the price range of Rs. 8000 only.

You have to keep a vast variety of dumbbells in your gym for a better service for your clients. So the offer starts at Rs. 125 per kg rate. You can get a set of 400kgs at the discounted price of Rs.50000 only.

You can get the Premium Weight Plates at the range of Rs.130 per kg rate. The whole set of 400kgs plates comes with a discount price of Rs. 52000 only.

Just within 3 days, you are getting all these. You can negotiate as well along with the EMI offer. Come on, hurry up. Your dream is just a few steps away.

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Multi-Station or Single Station 

Firstly, I will explain to you what Multi station and Single station equipment is. The multi-station helps your client to perform multiple routines on the same machine. In multi-user multi-station, a minimum of two of your clients can do their exercises at the same time. A multi-station machine helps you to use your gym space wisely. A Single station gym is designed to deliver only a single exercise at a time. It can be used by only one client at the same time. And both equipment take-up the same space.

So you can understand, Multi-station equipment serves in so many ways especially when you have to keep a budget in your mind. As an example, purchasing some numbers of multi-station equipment helps you to avoid purchasing more numbers of single used equipment. you can save up space also. And it will help you to present a hassle-free service towards your clients. And an added bonus of gym setup with EMI can help you to achieve all these.

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In our daily life, with such a busy schedule where it is so difficult to think about one’s health, you will help the people to be physically fit and you can have a business with humanity and purpose as well. And with such great purpose, you will have bright prosperity of your business which will be starting with a minimal budget.

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