Best Gym Equipment Manufacturers in Coimbatore

So your Gym is ready and now you are waiting to order the gym equipment? it is very important to find the trustworthy and perfect equipment manufacturer brand. Otherwise, you may get fooled by many people. So selecting the product and the brand is way more important. So we have made a list that will help you to purchase several important gym equipment and accessories from their website. These are the best ever brands in Coimbatore you can find.

Do not trust random companies. They may fool you if you are new to this industry. So select all the equipment wisely and very carefully. All these manufacturer brands produce gym equipment and do also customization that looks great and makes your Gym exceptional than other gyms in your locality. So what are you waiting for? Just read the entire article to the end.

Best Gym Equipment Manufacturers in Coimbatore

Here we have presented a list of best manufacturer companies that will help you to choose the best for your gym.

  • Zoopfitness

We are the leading brand of Coimbatore and sell several types of gym equipment like treadmill, electrical trainer, gym bike, gym accessories and so on. Our main manufacturer brand is in Jalandhar Punjab but we deliver gym equipment all over India. If you are a gym is located at Coimbatore or any other location in India feel free to contact us.

We are ready to deliver the products at your place. During this lockdown, if you are having a plan of opening a new gym but having a problem with equipment then orders now. We will deliver the products at this time contactless with protection. You can easily order the gym equipment from our website with simple steps.

Just open and see the whole catalogue and select the equipment from where you want to purchase. We mainly sell the products from 3 lacs to 25 lacs. We have a tie-up with two several companies also. We always upgrade our products and equipment. We never compromise with the quality of the product. Once you purchase them and you can use them without any maintenance for a long time. We are famous for the fastest delivery too. After placing an order it takes only a few time for shipment and delivery.

  • Welwyn Fitness

Welwyn Fitness distributes and manufactures commercial & home gym equipment. They have a different collection of climbers, elliptical trainers, cycles, treadmill and more. Welwyn Fitness has connected the toots of consumers. This trustworthy gym equipment manufacturer in Coimbatore is leading the industry with reliable brands who are recognized internationally, like Suunto, Atomic and Wilson. They had started their journey with the aim of making the gym accessories that will help the exercisers, trainers and athletes to live a healthy life. Presently, Wellwin Fitness employs so many professional engineers and technicians in different manufacturing sectors and they have many employees on online sites to cooperate with their consumers.

  • Syndicate Gym Equipment  Manufacturer

Syndicate Gym Equipment  Manufacturer is a leading gym equipment manufacturer. they supply premium gym equipment for commercial use and the consumers. Syndicate Gym Equipment  Manufacturer includes both cardiovascular and strength equipment which is engineered to show the human body’s natural movement. They also offer 3 lines of the strength equipment with 150 pieces that contain plate loading, weight training or modular equipment. Syndicate Gym Equipment  Manufacturer is the trademark specialized in cycling bikes, strength machines, commercial cardio equipment and those that have been made to satisfy all the needs of consumers. They are the manufacturer and supplier of the best strength Series and treadmills. 

  • Unique Gym Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

Unique Gym Equipment Pvt. Ltd. is the leading fitness equipment manufacturer in India. Simply because they produce their own products & there is no third party involved. That’s why it automatically reduces the price. They also offer a warranty and guarantee of every equipment as per some terms and conditions. Unique Gym Equipment Pvt. Ltd. is famous for its unique design & innovative and strong component.  Every little detail is carefully thought to provide the users with a comfortable and cosy work out unique Gym Equipment Pvt. Ltd. provides a warranty for a certain period  & they guarantee technical assistance by professional technicians. 

  • Kaja Tools & Gymnastics

Kaja Tools & Gymnastics is perfect in the imported gym equipment design for a private home, professional sports, universities, corporate gyms, rehabilitation centres, spas, hotels, fitness facilities and beyond. You can check out the luxurious and best gym setup inactions at different areas in India. Kaja Tools & Gymnastics is leading the gym industry from its foundation. They provide a total solution to any gym centre with their different types of gym equipment. They are specialized in gym facilities and these facilities make them the best gym equipment manufacturer in Coimbatore. Their experienced equipment experts are ready to assist you to design a fitness centre, health club or custom gym.

  • S&T Welcare Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

S&T Welcare Equipments Pvt. Ltd is offering a vast range of commercial & home gym equipment across India. Their collection of strength and cardio equipment contains some popular items like free weights, elliptical, treadmills and some equipment for the latest workout trends, like indoor cycling and Crossfit Cross-training. S&T Welcare Equipments Pvt. Ltd is renowned in commercial and custom home gym design. They provide a total solution to their consumers’ needs, whether you’re finding to buy gym equipment for corporate gyms, rehabilitation centres, hotels and fitness centres in India. Their treadmills are set up to overcome various stages of intensity & are prepared with cycle seats, cooling motor, handlebars and pedals are exceptionally designed for your comfort while cycling for longer times.


Always purchase the best equipment from the best manufacturer companies because it is the one which will help you to increase your client base and members in your Gym. So choose wisely and carefully then purchase the gym equipment. Select from the list we have exclusively made for you and be safe from the fraud manufacturers. 

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