All Gym Equipments List [Name with Photo]

All Gym Equipments List [Name with Photo and Details]

Isn’t it a tough job to find the best equipment from several brands and huge varsity of price range? And the other question is How many equipment are there and which one to buy finally? 

Your solution is here! Don’t go anywhere, here we are presenting the gym equipment list with name and photo of instruments. 

Nowadays the youths of India are showing tremendous interest in fitness and gym centres. Mainly the cricketers and Bollywood celebrities are the main inspiration for them. Millions of them become crazy to go for a gym workout. This obsession to join a gym centre is not only for fitness, more to maintain their level in society and show off. Young buddies like to upload their photos with gym equipment and good physique on social media. These aspects have brought to a bang in the business of the gym in India.

Nowadays the gym industry is growing much. Even most of the International fitness and gym franchises are entering the Indian gym business market to collect the profits of these growing gym industries.

For having their own gym it is very important to know all the criteria and investment details first. There are so many companies and places who are fraud and sell some wrong products. Also, you can come under so many places who take a lot of money to open the gym but ultimately do nothing. You need to be aware of all these fraud activities. At first to buy the best equipment you need to know about the manufacturer brands in India and then buy equipment from them. But which equipment is to buy? to open a single or multiple gyms, how to know which equipment is the best one? We are here to help you.

First, make a full-fledged plan about starting a gym business in India. Then just go for it! This business planning is the most profitable business in today’s market. Before start-up a commercial gym business or home gym you must have some knowledge about the gym equipment. Here you can find every detail of A to Z gym equipment names, which is available in the different brands in the Indian market. Let’s have a look!

A to Z Gym Equipment Names with Photos and Details

  • Adjustable bench 


The adjustable bench is a very essential gym equipment to have in your Gym. It has a flat, incline and decline position where you can have entirely six several positions curves steady for a coalition grip, the strong tubular metal pattern makes this equipment extra sturdy and self-assembly required entirely foldable & portable chip-resistant pattern wrapped with some epoxy powder and these are coated & strongly construct that can endure for a high time.

  • Barbell stand


The barbells are also another very important gym equipment. It is used in bodybuilding, weight training, powerlifting, weightlifting. It has a very long bar. At both ends, some weights are attached. Its price starts from 1500 rupees and comes with various brands and prices.

  • Cable Crossover or Functional Trainer


The functional Trainer or the cable crossover is an equipment that is used with a cable stack for building stronger and bigger muscles like shown in pictures. It is mainly used in the chest and upper body muscle building workouts. It is quite exhausting for the beginners during a workout. You can buy it without any coverage at 38 thousand rupees and you will have to pay 12000 rupees extra if you need any covering. But for different brands price range may vary.

  • Dumbbells stand

The dumbbell racks and weight trees can easily be placed together centred in the room or against a wall. You can have dumbbells kept properly in this stand. If you don’t use our stand it might have an accident so it is another very important equipment for your Gym. It comes with gauge steel that is quite heavy with Welded Construction of All-4-Side is Deburred out & inside for the safety of users.

  • Decline Bench press:

It is a very excellent workout for the lower chest muscles. It helps to strengthen the upper portion of the body. In this decline bench press, you can work out with barbells. It is set on a decline 15 to 20 degrees. On the downward slope, this angle mainly places the upper body that helps to activate the under muscles when you push some weights and move higher from your body. Its price range starts from 9000 rupees.

  • Exercise ball


The exercise or yoga ball is made with very soft elastic that is mainly a diameter of 35 to 85 centimetres. This hollow ball is filled with air. If you remove the valve stem the air pressure will get changed and then you can let the ball deflate or fill it with air.

  • Flat bench press

The flat bench press is quite short. It is best for any types of upper body exercise. Mainly best for the chest workouts. With this bench press, one needs to keep the back straight not in a position of the arch. Its market price starts from 9000 rupees.

  • Indoor Rower


This rowing machine is the type of equipment that is basically used for stimulating action of the watercraft rowing for training or exercising. The indoor rowing is mainly established like the sport in its very own liberty.

  • Incline bench press

This incline bench press is quite similar to the traditional bench press. One needs to be positioned in an angle of 45 degrees. It helps to develop the muscles of the upper chest and also helps to make broad muscles and Shoulders. It is more user friendly than a standard flat bench. It’s price starts from around 9000 INR.

  • Lat Pulling Down

Lat pulldown equipment is very essential for your Gym. It is mainly designed for developing the muscles of latissimus dorsi. It helps to perform all the functions of the scapulae combined downward rotation with the extension, adduction of the joints of the shoulder. It’s price starts from 30,000 INR and 6000 Rs extra for the coverings if required.

  • LKey Dumbbells

These doubles are basically of 200 kgs or can be more than that. The price starts at atom 19000 rupees. These are the best dumbbells for experts. These are very heavy. You will also get some adjustable weights with it. According to your choice and selection, you can use those dumbbells.

  • Leg Press Hack Squad hammer

Constructed to include several users with the straight press workout motion. This leg press hack squat hammer was particularly constructed to train the action that different devices actually not taking care of. Straight relevances on the guide rods deliver an incredibly steady motion. The simple flip-out stretching handles help all the users for setting the proper start to stop end. The span of limited offers subtracted security. It’s price mainly starts with 28,500 INR and of course, depends on several brands and material qualities.

  • Leg Curl Extension

The leg Curl extension mainly helps to stretch the hamstring muscles. It is not like some other workouts that allow you for strengthening the hip joint and the knees in unison. It mainly ensures the whole balance between the back and front legs. In aesthetics, this balance is very essential but for the prevention of injury, it may work. If these joints work with one side without any proper attention can have the injury & imbalance in muscles. It costs 30,000 rupees as a whole without any covering.

  • Olympic bar

The starting range of Olympic bars is 12,180 rupees. It has several variations of lengths as 35ft*348, 6ft*4, 3ft*1, 4ft*2 etc. It is made of raw metal of 7.2 ft as 2.2 metres, weights and long as 44 lb or 20 kgs. its outer end is 2.0 diameter or 50 mm, and the grip section comes as 1.1 in the diameter of 28 mm & in length 43 ft or 1.31 meter.

  • Preacher Curl bench

This preacher bench is mainly designed for those people who can sit by resting the upper arms on the plain surface that mainly comes down. With this preacher bench, they can also use various types of weights. The Dumbbells, barbells and e-z bar or you can have some machines fixed for the preacher curls. Without any covering, the price range starts with 30,000 rupees and the covering needs extra 6000.

  • Rubber coated Premium weight

These 5-200 kg rubber coated dumbbells come with two types. This combination of gym tools is best for a perfect workout. For the perfect muscle-building long-lasting and highly durable muscles, these are the best. It’s starting price is around 21000 rupees but varies from brand to brand.

  • Smith machine

This Smith machine is another type of weight lifting machine that is mainly used for the lifting of weights. It has a barbell which is basically fixed within the Steel rails and that is allowed only for near vertical-vertical movements. These types of smith machines have counterbalance barbells. The price range starts from 30,000 INR and so on.

  • Weight plate stand

The stand of weight plates retains Olympic weights of 2 inches up from the ground, deterring misstepping risks & enabling for simple covering modifications. It shows 4 outer container storage clips and moreover 2 depository clips in the middle portion for tinier panes. This A-frame layout enables to disseminate the weights & the broad ground portions maintain the rack from sloping.  The desirable black texture completes most exercises perfectly. It’s price starts from 3500 and depends on several brands.

  • Treadmill


The treadmill comes first in the gym equipment list. Because it is the most important equipment for all the gyms. There are so many types and a section of treadmills for single and multi-station gyms. These are mainly designed for heavy-duty and commercial use. Its handles are so comfortable for gripping. Its weight carrying capacity is 180 to 200 kgs. The treadmill is mainly a kind of device that basically is used for running, climbing or walking while standing in the same spot.

The  Treadmills were actually inaugurated before the advancement of powered motors, to restrain the ability of humans or animals for doing the works, often these types of treadmills were utilized by the animal or person walking steps with a treadwheel for grinding grain. After some time, it has modified its type and characteristics and now it is the best fitness equipment for them who work out hard and through running on a daily basis with the speed variation they burn extra calories. For the commercial and home uses both, the treadmill plays a vital role in the gym equipment industries.

Not just treadmills there are several customised products like Air byke, elliptical bike, simple cycle, 4 in one roller, spin bike, upright bike, recumbent bike.

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  • Gym bike


All the gym bikes are basically made for home use and commercial uses. The stationary bicycle is also known as the exercise bicycle, spinning bike, or the exercycle is the category of equipment is mainly used for the training, exercise or workout objectives. It encompasses pedals, saddles, & several aspects of handlebars are arranged just like an (exercise) bicycle. The exercise bicycle is basically a type of exercise equipment corresponding to a bicycle without its wheels. This is also probable for adapting a normal bicycle for the stationary workout with placing it on the trainer or the bicycle roller. Trainers and rollers are basically utilized by sprinting cyclists for warming up before to train or the racing on their machines in the indoor location.

  • Elliptical trainer

The elliptical trainer is basically made for commercial use. For home gyms, it is not actually used. It can have a maximum of 140 kgs of weight. It helps a lot for burning calories and best for the upper chest and shoulder muscles. Can measure several characteristics like time and distance. It contains a hand pulse and that is conveniently placed on handrails. The seats are extremely comfortable and help a lot for working out to the people of all ages from teenagers to elderly people.

  • Capsule pipe


The capsule pipes have a longer life and least maintenance expense. The capsule pipes are available for the 2nd station, 4th station, 6th station, 8th station and 12th station too. But it is mainly best for 8 station gyms. It is also very useful equipment for the members who regularly maintain gym routines properly.  It mainly helps to make muscles within a few weeks. For the beginners, it might be tough to handle but later it becomes very essential for a daily workout routine.

  • Machines with pulley

Pulley is attached to a machine. It is an easy type of machine & encompasses a wheel on the fixed motion, with the groove and the edges for guiding the cable or rope. All of the Pulleys are utilized for lessening the Time & stamina is put up with to lift the weight. It is available in single and multiple stations.

  • Cable cross

Cable cross machine is included with a weight stack, connected by cables to cams & pulleys & only can move in one direction.

  • Functional Trainer

A functional Trainer is a cable machine which uses 2 independent weights, pulleys, stacks and cables to provide some unique workout benefits.

  • Smith machine with a functional trainer

The smith machine and the functional trainer is made with Steel and it has a two-layered powder coating painting. It has a weight of around 120 kgs.

  • Hack squat


For the development of the lower portion of the body and lifting of weights hack squat is a very popular workout. The three groups of muscles as glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings are developed.

  • Hammer single station

In this section, you can have several accessories like Squat Rack, Leg Press Hammer, hammer rowing, hammer shoulder, hammer chest press, hammer pull down.

  • Plates


The plates are at the gyms mainly used for lifting the 45 pounds weights. At that time when people pertain to the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 plates lifting, basically when lifting the one-plate, accordingly, lifting 135 pounds. And the 2 plates with 225 pounds. The plates have several variations like Rubber plate, plastic-coated plate, rubber coated plates, cast iron plates, steel plates.

  • Dumbbells


There are several types of dumbbells available like Dumbbell rod, steel chrome dumbbell, plastic dumbbell, L-key dumbbell, Hexa dumbbell and bouncer dumbbell. These dumbbells come with 5 kgs to 200kgs. Lightweight is for beginners as well as the higher weights for the experts accordingly.

  • Gym accessories


Some essential equipment for a gym are Zigzag or design, solid handles, pulley bar, tricep rope, AB roller, kettlebell, dip stand, battle rope, rubber floor mat, aerobic step, barbell sport pad, leather belt, weight scale, skipping rope, gloves, cardio mat, boxing kit, gym ball, medicine ball, barbell Olympic rod, barbell plain rod.

Other equipment for the proper gym set up is-

For the 4 station multigym

They have the equipment as 

  • lats pulley
  • Bench press
  • Buttery fly 
  • abdominal board 
  • it can have a weight of 220 kgs

For the 6 station multigym

They have the equipment as 

  • lats pulley
  • Bench press
  • Buttery fly 
  • Arm curl 
  • Chin up 
  • bench press
  • twister
  • It can have a weight of 270 kgs

For the 10 station multigym

They have the equipment as 

  • lats pulley
  • Leg curl or extension
  • Butter fly 
  • Ground pulley 
  • bench press 
  • arm curl
  • cable cross 
  • it can have a weight of 400 kgs

For the 12 station multigym

They have the equipment as 

  • lats pulley
  • Leg press
  • Butter fly 
  • Squat press 
  • bench press 
  • arm curl
  • Twister
  • Dip
  • Back hyper
  • Hip flexor
  • Chin up
  • Abdominal board 
  • it can have a weight of 600 kgs

For the 16 station multigym

They have the equipment as 

  • lats pulley
  • Leg curl
  • Butter fly 
  • Squat press 
  • bench press 
  • arm curl
  • Twister
  • Dip
  • Back hyper
  • Hip flexor
  • Chin up
  • Abdominal board
  • Tricep pulley
  • Wrist curl
  • Shoulder press
  • it can have a weight of 700 kgs

And finally for the single station gym they provide the customised equipment like, 

  • Cable cross
  • Functional trainer
  • Deck fly
  • Arm curl
  • Ground pulley
  • Leg curl
  • Lat pulldown
  • Piston tricep
  • Shoulder press
  • Chin up-dip
  • Wrist curl

The plate-loaded equipment are like 

  • Smith machine with counterbalance
  • Bicep curl
  • Leg press
  • Hack squat
  • Hammer rowing
  • Hammer’s shoulder
  • Hammer chest press
  • Hammer pulls down
  • Leg extension
  • Hammer incline chest press
  • Seated calf
  • Squat stand 
  • Piston tricep with shrugs
  • T bar
  • seated T Bar 
  • Dip child leg raise

Some benches are

  • Adjustable bench 
  • Steeper
  •  Plain bench 
  • Olympic incline bench 
  • Olympic flat bench press Olympic decline bench 
  • stool 
  • abdominal bench 
  • preacher curl bench 
  • 6 in 1 bench 
  • 9 in 1 bench

For abs benches they have

  • Single Twister
  • dual Twister 
  • King Pro 
  • crunch board 
  • abdominal board
  • Back hyper 45 degree
  •  back hyper 90 degree 
  • biceps stand
  •  plate stand 
  • dumbbells stand 
  • accessories stand

They also have some customised special accessories like Rubber plate, cast iron plate, gloves, aerobic step, medicine ball, ab slimmer, weights scale, PVC plate, coloured mat, barbell, sports pad, double rod, skipping rope, boxing kit, Leather belt, vinyl, weight plate, cable cross accessories, accessories, yoga mat, Steel grip dumbbell, cattle ball, battling rope, dip stand, cable cross D handle, tricep rowing handle and so on.

Final words

As per statistics of Indian share market, the fitness industry of Indian is approximately  Rs. 4,500 crores and there are 17% to 19% growth has been observed in this business. Maximum fitness networks are ready to grab this growth of the gym business market in India. Due to the market organisation and the franchises of the fitness industry will be more successful in upcoming times. Various international franchises show their tremendous interest to enter in the Indian gym business market to make an enormous client base business.







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