Top 10 Best Gym Equipments Manufacturing Brands In India

Look: Are you excited to know about the top 10 best gym manufacturing brands in India of the year 2020?, If yes, then keeping reading till the end. I got some awesome gym equipment manufacturing brands here. Actually, people have become more conscious about their body fitness. They have started working out at their own house, but every exercise can’t be possible in their places. That’s why people go to the gyms following a regular routine.

So the fitness industries in India are more profitable than before. Some serious problems like Diabetes, high or low-pressure problems, hypertension, obesity and as well as mental illness as stress, depression, anxiety etc are increasing day by day. So they need to do daily exercises to stay fit and maintain a regular diet. 

Everyday workout makes a person disciplined and positive-minded. He/she can lead a healthy lifestyle. Yoga, machine workouts, Zumba, resistance training, aerobic, kickboxing are the most trendy way to make you in shape. Body fitness is the basic needs of a lifestyle. A healthy body gives one much more positive returns in future. One can work without any difficulties for a long period. No people are more accepting towards these facts and they maintain gym regularly.

So if you are thinking about starting a gym business then you are on the right track. So definitely you require some important equipment for your gym like an exercise bike, treadmill, dumbbells etc. Depending on the lifestyle, a gym with all advanced equipment and every facility to the consumers are the best ideas.

For the best gym business, you have to buy some best equipment. There are some gym equipment production companies in India that provide various types of health and fitness products like treadmill, commercial dumbbell, rubber mat, gym pates and many more.

As a gym owner, I feel before buying all the gym equipment, you have to be sincere about the quality and price. The performance of those products should be excellent.

There are some manufacturers who provide some indigenous machines of the best quality. You have to choose carefully all the ranges of equipment from renowned brands of fitness and equipment suppliers & manufacturers who supply the best product with quality and performance both.

Before purchasing products it is important to notice that all the products should be designed and prepared using the best steel material and under the supervision of professionals and experienced guidance. The products should be appreciated by your members who are ready to join your gym every day. As much as your customers will get satisfied with your hospitality you will earn from this business. Your gym will be appreciated by your arrangements and availability of trendy equipment.

Some companies are there with big experienced and knowledgeable team members. The quality controller passes the equipment after lots of testing. They don’t compromise with quality. Safety is the first preference for these companies. So don’t think so much about your next plan. If you seriously want to set up a gym business then go for it and contact those companies and buy the best and user-friendly equipment to decorate your gym. Actually from so many brands, it is difficult to choose which one is the best brand. So as a gym owner from my experience I am sharing all these gym equipment brands. But before that, you need to know some important criteria for those brands.

How to Identify The Best Fitness Equipment Brand?

If you want to buy some Fitness equipment, then you have to be intelligent and find out the brand’s significant factors related to work out and exercise.

There are various types of work out techniques compatibility with the long-lasting allegiance and the durability of the human body to the global fitness standards. You have to choose the top fitness equipment manufacturing brands that sell that gym equipment keeping these factors in your mind.

Top 10 Best Gym Equipment Manufacturing Brands in India

You have to know about the best gym equipment quality, before starting the workout whether at the gym or home. I will guide you on the best fitness equipment in India at a reasonable price.

Here you can get an idea about the 10 best gym manufacturing brands of 2020 in India. These companies have so much reputation worldwide. According to the review of their customers, these companies are in the top 10 positions. Those companies are mentioned below:

  • Zoopfitness
  • North gym
  • Syndicate
  • Fitness
  • Steel Flex
  • Life fitness
  • Precor
  • Body-Solid
  • Paramount
  • Star Trac


When I started my gym business, I knew less about equipment. Luckily I bought some gym equipment from Zoopfitness. Trust me! It was a great feeling to deal with them. Zoopfitness is a top fitness equipment manufacturing brands and manufacturer in India. 

  • Why are they leading?

They manufacture different types of gym equipment, Fitness equipment, Strength Fitness Equipment, Health club Equipment, Cardio Fitness Equipment

and Exercise equipment. They supply products in Punjab, Delhi, Meerut, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kolkata, Bhopal like 21 places all over India.

I bought a huge collection of Cross Trainer, Motorized Treadmill, Bike, Elliptical, Spin Bike, Plate loaded Fitness Equipment, Racks and Benches, all category Dumbbells, Olympic Bars, plates, Fitness Accessories. 

  • How do they work?

*Their target customers are corporate and commercial. 

*They have all types of Gym equipment supply chain and distribution network.

*There is no issue of the online order, you will get exactly the same product as per the photo.

*They will assist you through the video Conference to install every equipment.

*Their tutorial videos will help you a lot. 

*They sell the Gym Equipment at wholesale price. 

*No doubt they are the best Fitness and Gym Equipment service provider and seller in Indian Gym Equipment Industry. Zoopfitness have progressed better dealer chain in India. 

*They mainly serve the Gym Equipment and Commercial Fitness Equipment mainly for Health Clubs, Commercial Gym, Housing gyms, Corporate Fitness Centres and Industries. 

*Their price range is also very exclusive with EMI options.

  • Their speciality

They have a huge area for manufacturing Fitness Equipment. Many employees work dedicatedly every day. All the process in-house right from designing to finishing they totally focus on Biomechanics of every machine and the design of best gym equipment. They have different categories of Gym Equipment.

Cardio Fitness Equipment:

Their every cardio gym equipment design is developed with the speciality. Zoopfitness is the best supplier and distributor of cardio gym equipment for the International Gym Brand. They have a huge Cardio Equipment collection. You will get there Upright Bike, cross trainer, Recumbent Bike, Spinning Bike, Rowing machine, Stepper and Elliptical.

Strength Fitness Equipment:

They manufacture every type of Selectronised Fitness Equipment, Strength Fitness Equipment, plate loaded Equipment for Home Gym, Multi Gym and single gym. You can buy all these products at a negotiable price. Their good behaviour and helping nature are really honourable. They know how to treat a customer. If you buy your fitness equipment and gym equipment from Zoopfitness then you and your gym members both will be so happy using those products. The modification and the process of using their equipment are really appreciated. 

  • Why the best?

When I was new to this gym industry, I had to struggle a lot, but then luckily I got them and purchased all those products from them and without their assistance, I was not able to grow my business. If you buy your gym equipment from zoopfitness then I am sure that you can set up your business within a minimum investment and you will earn more than your expectation like me. 

North Gym

Nortus Fitness is the second renowned name in the Indian fitness industry. They are the leading Gym Equipment supplier and manufacturer of the total range of cardio equipment.

  • About them

Over 20 years of engineering, the leading Fitness equipment industry became more superior. This is approved by many fitness centres all over India. Their industry is designed to express optimum Gym effectiveness to protect the body from stiffness. The improvement programme is comprehensive & will continue to serve a unique service for satisfying the growing and demanding fitness industry. The most effective machines are there designed for the updated fitness environment: Stylish, attractive and none intimidatory.

  • Their service

They have a water jet cutting machine, some CNC machines, CNC tube bending and milling machines and many more. Their production process is an advanced sandblasting process with automation. Excellent surface treatment and adoption of advanced electrostatic powder coating process from abroad, 2 rounds of powder coating to make the smoothness and durability of equipment are done there. The mould assembly process is adopted in the production line to be sure about the stability and interchangeability of products.

  • Their Product quality

To improve the quality of the product they purchase a better quality of raw materials. During the production, they are strict about the quality of the gym equipment. They produce the equipment with 3 mm thick high-quality steel tubes. They also import the running belts of PCB control treadmills, Moulding for one-time upholstery of strength equipment, not collapsible and deformable, Cable of high strength and these have the assessed rounds of the destructive tests.


Syndicate is another promising Fitness equipment brand in India. They manufacture special qualities of fitness equipment. 

  • About them

There is a vast collection of fitness equipment like Treadmills, Free weight benches, Spin Bikes, Gym machines, Gym products, Fitness machines etc. syndicate fitness equipment is a renowned name from the last 8 years among ATS manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Gym and Fitness equipment. Today’s market is much volatile and they are still trying to maintain their responsibility to the motto of manufacturing,  designing and have a great weight resistance gym equipment in India at most reasonable and competitive prices.

  • What do they provide?

They are the best supplier and manufacturer of Gym equipment machines, treadmills, cardio equipment, strength equipment, selectorized stations and gymnastics equipment. Their every gym and fitness equipment is designed as the standardisation of international updated engineering drawing.


If you want to build up a gym business and you are surveying the market then you must hear about the name “Fitness”. This is a gym equipment production company from the last 25 years. 

  • About them

They set up the commercial gym equipment. Their customers are so much satisfied with their products. They are leading brands with commercial gyms, hotels, fitness clubs, educational institutes, corporate and government agencies and so on. 

  • What is the partnership process?

You can make a partnership with this company if you are ready to set up a gym in your desired place. Different types of equipment are the most important thing in the Gym. You can have your gym equipment from here. These fitness accessories are ready to boost the commercial setups enhance and visibility of the fitness administration of the customers. All types of equipment are made of high-grade materials and all the fitness accessories have to pass every testing procedure. 

Steel Flex

This company is dealing with many MNC companies and Indian Gyms centres from last decade. You will get all of your needs for gym and fitness equipment with negotiable prices and lots of offers are there for lucky customers. If you show them your total budget,  the experienced marketing personalities will help you to assist you in dealing with the most necessary equipment. 

  • Their speciality

Their production department and quality control department is so strict about their product quality and safety. They have a huge collection of gym equipment. The process and design of the equipment are adopted from the USA. They have sincerely prepared every single part of the equipment. High-quality steel is used to produce the equipment. 

  •  products collection

They have Treadmills, dumbbells, cardio fitness equipment, health club equipment, Spin bike and some other exercise equipment. They assist their clients in every possible way. If you buy your gym equipment from Steel Flex then your budget of the gym is going to be lower as per your calculation.

So, you can have a look at their website for details of their terms and conditions of business.

Life Fitness

Life Fitness is ruling the gym accessories market for a long time. The deals of this company are beneficial for both exercisers and facilities. Their mission is to keep the public active and begin with the exercise bike and continue with a large range of strength, cardio and the products for the group training fitness industry.

  • About them

The fitness routine has changed dramatically from the last 20 years. Uncountable Fad has come & gone, but the fitness of life has encouraged the public to lead a better life. Their motto is to serve the solutions that take the whole world moving & help the people to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • Their motto

The culture of the fitness of life revolves around and what their products stand for. Nowadays the gym bags become so common to everybody like a coffee cup.

The products of Life Fitness are lively for a group of workouts. But the best way to know about fitness equipment is to use them routinely. They are dealing with a noble motivation to help mankind to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Their products and the prices are much friendly and easy to handle. If you contact them for your gym business then you will be surely profitable.


It is a token of what the undertaking is and how they are not the same as others in this industry of gym equipment. 

  • Their speciality

Wellness is their business. They are ready to carry an individual touch to the experience of each exerciser, identify with officials in the business in an individual way, and develop a culture that has confidence in common regard and the huge returns of sharing their Personalized Mission.

  • About them

The mission is to create customized wellbeing and wellness encounters that assist individuals with living the lives they want. For more than three decades, they have driven wellness forward with an energetic spotlight on ergonomic movement, illustrated science, and popular designing. They repeatedly template and expect the requirements of the individuals and associations they serve, and persistently reconsider the categories of development and quality is important to convey the absolute best wellness encounters all with the objective of improving the manners in which individuals develop themselves. 

  • How do they work?

They deal with gyms, inns & spas, colleges and people everywhere throughout the world. They have the most necessary gym equipment like treadmill, dumbbell, Olympic bar, plates, barbells and many more. Even they cooperate with their clients in every possible way. Their business policy and the quality of the product is unbeatable with other companies.


This company has every athletic and strength gym equipment and accessories for any sports conditioning, athletic program & studios of functional training.

  • About them

If you want to set up endurance, intensity and strength for better performance, their award-winning accessories durability and the edge cutting design with great warranties in this industry. Different types of equipment are produced there every day. The gym equipment is tested at every step of the production. The raw materials and steel quality are incredible to produce better gym equipment.

  • Their speciality

Their innovative power rack and rigs strategy have become popular for the last few years. They have modified themselves with steel racks combined with several optional attachments. You can easily get your every need with their large variety of ropes, benches, plyo-boxes, flooring, accessories & some free weights for the exact training environment. 

  • Why choose them?

You will be definitely a gainer if you buy your gym equipment from here. As the statistics of their market value, it’s become higher and their demand has become more among the customers.  Your gym members will be so much happy to use the equipment of Body-Solid.


The improved fleet of the cardio accessories keeps your capability up & running while maintaining exercisers engaged and active. 

  • About them

You can check out the exclusive stocks with different facility & user features, you can choose from their huge collection of treadmills, bikes, the climbers & ellipticals to learn more. Their team of product developers and engineers are always ready to maintain a pulse on this fitness industry and they provide the most user-friendly and innovative machines on the market. They will assist your facility stand out by this kind of product which keeps their users to stay.

  • Their specialty


Their 900 series extends the highest quality commercial accessories available to the users. These series machines come furnished with trendy technology & those are designed as per the best needs of their customers. They are set up and tested to overcome the needs of continuous use for the extraordinary importance over the method of ownership.

Their 400 series is combined with durable performance & better quality materials for excellent customer experience. With innovative programming and unique design & a large range of optional companies, their ellipticals, treadmills and bikes can keep the accommodation to the consumers of all types of fitness level & withstand the testing time.

  • Why choose them?

If you are finding some equipment with the design of space-efficiency and solid construction, you can explore different types of cardio products here. You will get everything from the durability, quality and any services.

Star Trac

Star Trac has a huge reputation as a great fitness material factory and dealer. Among these groups of various gym equipment, you can have the cycles, steppers & treadmills and so on.

  • Why choose them?

Their products are effective for so many customers and they have given positive reviews too. They have a lot of gym equipment that will help to grow your business.

Final Words

The demand for fitness is increasing day by day. Due to the increase of social media platforms, people are so much conscious about their appearance. They do dieting and always try to look healthy and fit. They are also influenced a lot by celebrities and they wish to have a figure like them. So for a gym business, the equipment is a must. These are many gym equipment manufacturing brands of India where you can purchase the gym equipment of your choice.

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