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Dumbbell Stands Price, Uses, Benefits, Manufacturer in India

Awareness about health and fitness has reached unprecedented levels in recent years. More people are aware of the importance of being fit and healthy. More people know nowadays that nothing can take the place of exercise and workout in their lives. That is why more people are flocking to the gyms to take advantage of this trend and make their lives better and beautiful. After all, it can help them get rid of all sorts of health problems like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and stiff muscles and joints amongst others. That is why the fitness industry has grown to insane levels and the demand is constantly increasing for such kind of space every day.  Setting up a gym trying to take economic advantage of this development is being seen in a lot of individuals with new ideas for entrepreneurship. One has to keep in mind that it is important to know about the basics of the gymming industry

What is a dumbbell stand?

The dumbbell stand is steel structure, generally designed in vertical and horizontal proportions. Their sole purpose is to hold dumbbells for the gym. Dumbbells are important equipment for weight training. They’re solely seen as one of the most important pieces of equipment in the gym. They are mostly used in pairs, with each hand holding one. Dumbbells have been part of exercise and workout culture since ancient times. The old ones were made of stones and were generally club-shaped, so they were called Indian Clubs.  The modern dumbbells are made of wrought iron and have been improvised for modern-day weight training and bodybuilding purposes. It helps in working out the biceps and helps them protrude out. 

How much does a dumbbell cost in India?

Dumbbell stands are the most important part of the gym and people who are interested in starting their own gyms should have at least one installed at their spaces. It is important that proper research is made in getting to know the price of the dumbbell stand.

According to Indiamart, India’s oldest online market states that the price of a standard horizontal dumbbell stand between  8000/- to 38000/- INR. Apart from that people with a crunch in the budget can consult numerous dealers who deal with second-hand gym equipment and machinery. But it is important to see that the quality of the dumbbell stand remains intact and is in usable condition because a product of compromised quality can create a state of havoc and emergency. 

What are the uses of the dumbbell stand in a gym?

As discussed earlier, the dumbbell stand is one of the most important equipment to keep in the gym. People who are into weight training and are working on the development of their biceps and triceps can gain benefits from this stand, more specifically from the things that this stand holds. Dumbbells are historical equipment and are the most effective in weight training purposes. Regular lifting of dumbbells help in developing the biceps and triceps and help in strengthening the muscles of the fore-arms. And most of the people who visit the gym are looking for weight training programs. That is why it is important that installing a dumbbell stand in a gym be taken and given utmost priority.

What are the benefits of a dumbbell stand in a gym?

It has been mentioned and discussed many times that dumbbells are the most important equipment of the gym, especially for those people who are into weight training, strength training, and muscle training. Dumbbells have helped shaped the modern fitness industry by being a part of it. They are almost symbols to signify fitness and health. Dumbbells have helped a lot of people to develop their arms and muscles. Dumbbells work in a very efficient way for the users, they help in systematic growth of muscles using the methods of overloads, called the mechanic and metabolic. The dumbbell exercise helps in improving coordination between muscles, it works in the betterment of joint movement so that the intermuscular coordination improves. Dumbbells can also be used for a variety of other exercises. 

Zoopfitness: best dumbbell stand manufacturer in India

We at Zoopfitness had a very simple beginning at our step into the world of manufacturing sports and fitness equipment, thirty-five years ago. We started out of Tripura and by the blessings and goodwill of our customers have grown and now based in Jalandhar, Punjab. We have our highly qualified team of engineers and experts who work very hard to churn out the best machines following the latest technology in the fitness industry. Our most special feature that most of our customers have appreciated us for is the fact that we take orders for customized machines and equipment. For example, if some of our clients wish to have equipment based on the theme of Marvel or DC comics can place the orders with us, our designers are going to take care of everything after the customer has placed their order. Apart from that, another feature of our company that you might enjoy is the fact that we have a very efficient door to door delivery service. Our delivery charges depend on the size and weight of the consignment that we are delivering. 

Final Words

People in modern times should inculcate the habit of exercise and taking care of their health and fitness. Several risks that people tend to develop in their bodies like obesity, diabetes type 1, high blood pressure problems, cardiovascular diseases, and others that would cause tremendous health problems can be averted with this habit. Exercise is a habit people should indulge in and involve in. Therefore, setting up a gym is more of social service in today’s day and age. Driving and inspiring people to move towards a fit and healthy future is a noble cause and every bright individual who has entrepreneurial skills and ideas should come up with this drive to inspire more people to sign up for a gym membership and take care of their physical and mental well being. 







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