Dual Twister Machine – Everything You Should Know About it!

It is said that in modern times fitness has become a religion. Religion with the fastest-growing followers in the history of mankind. And gymnasiums and fitness studios have become the new places of worship with more people starting to pay a visit to these places. As more people are starting to pay attention to their health and bodies, the decision to set-up a gymnasium has proved to be a very worthy and profitable business idea. Thus to establish a gym, it is important that one knows about the basics of setting up the machinery and equipment in the gym and from where to find them. One of the most popular gym equipment machines is a dual twister machine

What is a dual twister machine?

Just like the Single Twister machine, a Dual Twister machine is one of the most used gym implements by the gym-goers for waist training exercises. Using this equipment can help in working the core part of the body especially the waist area and is very useful in burning down the waist fat and is also very effective in reducing the love handles. Dual Twister machines have two handles and rotating disks that move in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction consecutively. As a result, two people can use the machine at a time. Since its introduction in gyms around the world, it has gained massive popularity among people who want to get a lean physique. It greatly helps in reducing the waist size and belly fat by burning down the fats in those areas. It is widely recommended by gym instructors to models and actors who want to tone down and look presentable in front of the camera, although it requires regular practice in the gym, to attain the desirable results. Most experts suggest a training period of a month or two in the twister machines. Twister Machines are highly effective in achieving lean and toned physique for those who are in the modelling and entertainment industry and have to look presentable all the time.

What are the specifications of a Dual Twister Machine?

Dual Twister machine is one of the most important machines in the world of fitness and health. For this very reason, this machine remains one of the most demanded by the people who want to set up gyms and fitness studios. And since it has space for two people to simultaneously workout at a single machine, it is also considered more commercial compared to Single Twister Machine. Its specifications stand 198 cms in length, 74 cms in width, and 147 cms in height. Its weight stands at 200 kg and it is one of the medium-range duty machines used in gyms and fitness centres.

How much does a Dual Twister Machine cost in India?

Since Twister Workout Machines enjoy huge popularity amongst gym-goers, anyone who is interested in setting up a gymnasium business should definitely consider procuring these instruments for their gym. According to Indiatimes, one of the most popular sites for online shopping, the cost of Dual Twister Machines generally fall under the range of 7000/- INR to 20,000/-. Those entrepreneurs who are in a budget crunch and want to procure items for the less expensive price can get in touch with a dozen other companies which deal with refurbishments, renovations, and repairs of old gym machinery to make them as good as the new.

What exercises can be done on Dual Twister Machine?

As discussed earlier, the main reason why everyone is attracted to Twister Workout would use one Tummy Twister Machine, whether Single or Dual, is to mainly workout on their belly and waist area and achieve a leaner, toned, and slim physique while setting the chub from those places. The person who is interested in reducing the tummy and waist size can use this machine effectively and regularly. One of the most popular cardio exercises of tummy twisting is facilitated by this equipment. This is clockwise and anti-clockwise twisting of the middle body in a repetitive manner so that part of the body is exerted and the desired outcome is achieved. As so many people want to do the twisting exercise, more and more orders are placed on the dealers who own a gym equipment business.

Zoopfitness – Best Dual Twister Machine Manufacturer in India

Zoopfitness is one of the highly successful equipment manufacturers in India, we deal with manufacturing and supplying of sports gym equipment. As a company, we provide a qualified group of engineers and technicians, who claim to provide customers with the machines built in accordance with the international standards. Zoopfitness is currently based out of the state of Tripura in India and currently has a tie-up with gym equipment manufacturing brand, Body Fit Line based in Jalandhar, Punjab. We supply our materials and products to various places like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Goa, Haryana. The special part about this company is that they take customized machinery orders and deliver them as per the requirement of the buyer, For example. If you want all the machines in a theme of a Marvel Avengers, we will get all the equipment that you need to be designed as per the Marvels theme. We also provide shipping and delivery services, the price of which depends on the weight of the consignment that is being delivered at your location. The prices are reasonable and friendly to your pocket.

Final Words

Since setting up a gymnasium requires a huge amount of planning and investment beforehand, it is important that the concerned party gets their homework and calculation done right. The health and fitness industry is sprouting up like a chocolate fountain, and many people are trying to get a fill of their cup so that they can enjoy the fruits of the business. It is not a hidden fact that more people are getting interested in keeping themselves fit and healthy. Certain things need to be kept in mind before establishing a gym, the logistics, the location, the promotion and the initial cost for the material instalments should be studied carefully and properly.

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