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We have been instilled in us since childhood that exercise and fitness are an important part of human life. Without cultivating the practice of exercise, there are a number of risks that people tend to develop in their bodies like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure problems, cardiovascular diseases, and others that would cause tremendous health problems. To avoid all these people must indulge daily in some sort of physical activity that activates their body and regulates their cardiovascular and circulatory health. For this very reason, more people nowadays are inculcating the habit of going to the gym. The gym has been termed in the modern culture as the new age temples and churches where more people are flocking to quite religiously, and it is a good trend that people are developing. 

To set up a gym there are certain basics one should have a clear understanding of. 

What is a chin-up stand?

There are various equipment and machinery in the gym that help a person in achieving the perfect goal of fitness. One such kind of object is a chin-up machine. Chin up machine is a steel structure that helps in doing the chin-up exercise. Chin-up is a strength training exercise, which people do to strengthen the arm muscles, mostly the biceps. In this exercise the person holds firm of the steel rod and tries to push their body up till the chin is above the level of the rod. That’s how it gets the name of the chin-up. This exercise is pretty much popular, who are in the muscle training program and want some hard training sessions for the body. Many athletes who are required to stay fit and strong are required to do this exercise regularly on a religious proposes so that the arms remain strong.  

The structure of a chin-up stand involves two straight parallel standing structures made of steel while joined together by a steel rod at a height, holding which the athletes do the chin-up exercise. 

How much does a chin-up stand costs in India?

People who want to set up a gym in India in any of its towns or cities must make it a point that they think of including a chin-up stand in their gym. Chin-up exercise is one of the most important exercises in muscle training programs of arms. 

According to Indiamart, which is India’s largest online marketplace, a regular 8-feet chin-up stands anywhere between 4000/- to 35,000/- INR depending upon the brand and the quality one is looking for. Also budget is an important factor. Several dealers can also provide a good deal in second-hand chin-up stands which is made of good quality material and have some issues with the budget. This has been also term as the most cost-effective equipment in the fitness industry because it rarely undergoes any technical wear and tears easily. 

What are the uses of chin-up stand in a gym?

Chin-up stands are one of the most important equipment in the gym, especially for those users who want to develop their arms and strengthen their arms. Chin-ups are prescribed to those who want some hard training in terms of weight management, muscle strengthening, spinal cord balancing, and improve the overall posture and appearance of the body. 

What are the benefits of using chin-up stand in gyms?

Chin-up stands have to be strong and sturdy so that it can handle the weight of the exerciser. Chin-Up exercises help in strengthening the grip hold and helps to improve posture and appearance. This exercise also helps in strengthening the spine so that there is less chance of injury and back pain. In addition to that, chin-ups not only help in weight loss but also managing it. Chin-up stands are therefore termed as one of the most important equipment of the gym. They are the personal favourite of many people who want to gain a strong and sturdy body. Chin-up exercises being so beneficial, makes chin-up stands nothing less than any magic machines. It helps in making the body active, especially of those who have to sit at one position in front of the computer or those who spend a long time being at some unhealthy position while texting from their phones all day. 

Zoopfitness-The best manufacturer of chin up stands in India

We at Zoopfitness had our very humble beginning when we stepped into the world of manufacturing sports and fitness equipment, thirty-five years ago. We started out of Tripura and now based in Jalandhar, Punjab. We have our team of engineers and experts who toil hard to churn out the best machines following the latest technology in the fitness industry. Our most special feature that most of our customers have loved us for is the fact that we take orders for customized machines and equipment. For example, if some of our clients wish to have equipment based on the theme of Game of Thrones or Harry Potter can place the orders with us, our designers are going to take care of everything after that. Apart from that, another feature of our company that you might enjoy is the fact that we have a robust door to door delivery service. Our delivery charges depend on the size and weight of the consignment. 

Final Words

Every person should indulge in the habit of achieving fitness and improve their overall health. There are various benefits of starting new fitness regimes. Firstly it helps in managing and maintaining weight. Getting underneath the surface level, it improves the overall health condition. It helps in keeping blood pressure and blood sugar under control and also helps in maintaining a healthy posture and balance. Exercise is a habit people should indulge in and involve in. And this is the reason more and more people are seeking membership to the gym. Since more and more people are eager to join the gym, the prospect of setting up a gym or a fitness studio is not only a profitable concept but can also be compared to social work to some extent. 







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