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Cable Crossover Machine Price, Types, Manufactures in India

Everyone wants to maintain their body in a good shape, in which the upper body workout is considered very important. You need to get the right machine so that your upper body parts remain in good shape. Cable crossover is a great idea for upper body workouts. If you want to do workouts from home too, you can easily do it with the help of a good cable crossover. You will not have any inconvenience in keeping this machine in your house because it does not take up much space due to which you can keep it anywhere with such comfort. Right now we are going to talk about some very famous cable crossovers workout with the help of which you can easily do your workouts correctly. Along with good cable crossover, we will also tell you what qualities they are full of. So let’s see.

Cable crossover machine pricing in India

Cable crossover is a very important machine and it has an important role during workouts. In today’s modern times, you will find different types of cable machines in the market, but you have to buy a completely useful machine and that fits in your budget too. That is why we have mentioned here some of the best cable machines above, hope that such information can help you in purchasing the best cable crossover machine for you.

Avonoscoco cross cable machine price in Kolkata belongs to the brand which is sported by the Energie Company. Energies Company is located in Ballygunge, Kolkata. The price of this cross cable machine in India is 1.96 lakhs and the model number is AVONMT228. This machine is found non-adjustable and adjustable in 2 variants. If we talk about weight then 60kgs comes to 80kgs. Many companies like Manasori Fitness Center Services offer cable crossover – SM-101 in Rs 1 lakh.

Along with this, there are many cable crossover machine parts available in the market such as FEL 1231 adjustable cable crossover which will get you more than 1 lakh. The Parth Fibrotech Company also sells the lowest cable crossovers machine price in India for Rs 1 lakh, which they compare as top products. But the Y.N. Trivedi & Sons Company also does all types of cable crossover sales, starting from Rs.75000.

Exercises with Cable Crossover Machine

Cable Crossover Front Squat

When you start using a cable crossover machine exercise for the first time, you have to keep in mind that you should not set too much weight at one time. To start this workout stand in front of the cable machine and pull the grips upward with the help of the cable cord. It should be in a correct and straight structure. Pull the rope upward so that your elbow bends in the right way. When you pull the rope while pushing your toe, make sure that your back is not round.

Cable Crossover Forward Lunge

You have to stand in front of the cable crossover and then sit on one leg and pull the rope straight. Keeping your hip, knees, and ankle in a line, straighten up your body, and pull the cable machine in the right way. While doing so, push the ground away and then come back to the first structure. With this same rule, you have to do this workout with your other leg. Keep doing this workout alternately on both sides for the best results. While doing this workout, the cable crossover will try to pull you in front, but you have to do this by keeping your body straight.

Cable Crossover Reverse Lunge

Before starting this workout you first have to sit on one leg in front of the cable. After that, you have to grab that with your palm and pull it straight towards the front. While doing this, the back should be straight. When you do this while doing workouts, the machine tries to pull you back but you have to maintain the balance of your body. Keep in mind that when you are pulling that both your hands should be above your shoulder. Slowly move forward in such a position and then come back to your place again, do the same with the other leg.

Single-Arm Cable Crossover

First of all, you have to stand facing the cable machine and then with one hand pull the grip directly towards the lower part of your chest straightly. Then you have to do the same with your other hand and keep doing this continuously. When you are pulling this grip, at that time you have to go back a little and then come back to your place and do it continuously. While doing the workout, also keep in mind that when you pull your hand backwards, it should not go back from your body.

 Half-Kneeling Single-Arm Pulldown

Before starting this workout you have to increase the settings of the powerline cable crossover machine. You have to sit down with your left foot back and your right foot in front, above the knees and pull the grip with your right hand from the top to down. Make sure that you sit properly so that the angle of 90% is made between your legs. Keep your back straight and pull the grip. Let your right hand lie down from the top of the head towards the ground and pull it properly. You have to do it on the other side in the same way.

Types of Cable Crossover Machines

Nowadays almost every gym has a second-hand cable crossover machine. People also make use of this machine for a workout at home. This is a very modern machine which is full of many qualities so that you can work out the different parts of the whole body with the help of this machine. There are many types of cable crossovers machines:- 

Powerline  crossover

This machine has been specially constructed in such a way that you can easily keep it anywhere. This cable cross machine is 88 inches high and 166 inches extensive and 39 inches lengthy. With the help of this cable cross, you can do all the upper and lower workouts as well as very modern technology of 180%. When you buy this machine, you get an instruction manual with it. Many people have difficulty in setting the machine, they will get a lot of help with this manual. After buying this machine, you get a 10-years warranty for its frame and a 1-year warranty for all its parts.

Body-Solid Functional Cable Cross

Pull up bar is also available in this cable crossover machine + weight stack, which is a very good thing, with the help of this, you can easily do workouts like pull up and chin up. It is smaller in size than other cable crossover machines so that you will not have any inconvenience in using this machine. You can do your workouts at home easily with the help of it. This machine is made of many modern features so that you can do different types of workouts. In this, you also get two types of Pull up bar as well as a complete described manual. This manual can be useful for you.

XMark Trainer Cable Crossover Machine

Parts of this machine are made of different things with very high-quality equipment. This machine has been built in such a way that anyone can easily set it. When you buy this cable crossover, you will get 19 types of workout settings along with double 200 lb weight stacks. Here you also get a special triceps bar and not only that, short and long bars are also available with it. If seen in the true sense, this machine is good from every direction for a wonderful workout.

The FreeMotion EXT Dual Machine

This cable crossover machine has been constructed in a very amazing way, through this machine, two people can do workouts at the same time. This machine is very beneficial for those people who are associated with sports. Seeing the modern qualities of this machine, almost everyone will like it. This machine has been designed keeping in mind the safety of the person doing the workouts so that you will not have any kind of discomfort during the workout. You can do your workout safely and with great comfort for a long time.

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage

This Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage machine is especially for those people who have loved to do a workout. This machine is a perfect cable crossover machine with all kinds of workout techniques. The bottom of this machine is connected to the ground so that you will be able to do the workouts without any problems. You can do different types of workouts with this machine as per the requirements. When you buy this machine, you get a 2-years warranty for all parts of this machine from its manufacturer.

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

This machine is a very good example of your whole body workouts. The Bowflex PR1000 machine is not very big in length; you can also use it at home. It is considered one of the best cable crossover equipment, so you can use it for your workout without any difficulty. This machine helps in maintaining your abs, chest, back, shoulder, arms, and lower part during your workout. If you want to keep your body in a good formation, then this machine is fully capable of it.

Valor Fitness Cable Crossover

Valor Fitness is considered to be one of the most amazing cable crossover machines. It is not very long in size, but with its help, you can do different types of workouts. Because of this cable crossover machine, you can do a lot of workouts in the stand and sit position, and as well as you can do abs and back workouts also. You also get two types of chains in this machine and it can lift to 250 lbs.

Best Cable crossover machine Manufacturers in India

We make use of this cable crossover machine for home as an exercise by adjusting it naturally with 180-degree speed. We will develop a dynamic and reliable design of cable by exercising the muscle group of each part of your body. Cable crossovers machines are found in India by various manufacturers’ product quality.


We are known as one of the best manufacturers in India. We work in the main factory based in Jalandhar. Here we have a team of well-trained engineers to make the best equipment. Our workers are present to impress the perfect cross cable machine as per your requirement. Our company has been installed in many cities in India like Uttar Pradesh, Kolkata, Mumbai, Meerut, Delhi, Punjab, Bangalore, Agra, Kerala, etc. for your services. After you get the products delivered and then our installation team will be there for the rest of the services. 

Cosco Sports Fitness

You will get many machines from this company in India and this company is also found in other states. Cross cable machines are best as devices for doing a lot of exercises. They help their customers buy a good cross cable machine as a commercial. If you live anywhere in India and cannot find a good machine there, you can also order online from the company’s main store.


As you saw above, if you want to do a proper workout even if it is from home, Cable Crossover is a very good suggestion. With the help of this Cable crossover Machine dimensions, you can do different types of workouts whether it is in the upper part of your body or the bottom. You can do your workouts very easily and well at any gym or home. The cable crossover is such a modern machine that you can easily do workouts without getting bored. It is a tool for your various workouts. For those who are looking for a good workout machine, cable crossover is a very advanced suggestion.







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