Top 10 Best Gym Equipment for Legs Workout [Ultimate Guide]

If you are going to set up a commercial gym or looking forward to having a home gym, leg workouts are a must which we should not forget. Many people mostly focus on the upper and lower body exercises but working on your leg should be a part of your exercise routine. When you see tiny legs and bulging out muscles it is really tempting to want to have such a leg structure. The exercise equipment for legs and arms are made by all the cardiovascular machines. Some of them are hip cycle exercise and infrared walker machines. The benefits of working out for seniors is it keeps them fit, helps them to pump blood sufficiently and many more benefits. An elliptical bike or a biking machine helps to keep the structure of the muscles in good shape.

In this article, we will help you to find out the best leg workout machine names and details about these machines.

Top 10 Best Gym Equipment for Legs Workout

Below is the most useful gym equipment you can use for legs workout. This equipment includes a home gym and commercial gym equipment, so if you want to set up a home gym or commercial, this equipment are must-have for legs exercises.

Leg Press

Leg Press
Leg Press

The first and foremost equipment which comes to our mind when we talk of leg equipment is the leg press. This is a piece of very basic equipment for every gym and is very beneficial as you can take up weights according to your ability and use the machine. Hamstrings and glutes are emphasized when we use the leg press. This machine is good for increasing the volume of your workout. It targets different muscles and we do not need to use stabilizers. Leg press machines are padded so that the lower back is placed comfortably and does not get injured.



This is another basic leg exercise. We hardly need to go to a gym for step-ups, we climb up the stairs daily and it is the everyday use step up. And if you are carrying a bag in your hands it works for the weights of the dumbbell. Step-ups can be done by holding a dumbbell, barbell or kettlebells in which adds weight to your exercise. The stepping up and down from a platform works on the hips, thighs and the gluteal muscles. This also helps us to balance and increase leaps. This can be important exercise equipment for legs at home.

Barbell Squat

Barbell Squat
Barbell Squat

The barbell squat is the most effective and it works on all the muscles of our body. Not only our lower-body muscles are enriched but our shoulders and upper body muscles also benefit from the barbell workouts. Barbells help us to maintain a proper posture and stabilize our body. The hamstrings are in action while bending the knees and pushing force against the ground. This helps to build muscles and lose fat.

Hamstring Curl Machine

Hamstring Curl Machine
Hamstring Curl Machine

This machine is used to shape the back of the leg or the hamstrings. The curl machine can be a sitting curl machine or a lying curl machine. If we do not build our hamstrings then we will have a massive imbalance of our body. This machine’s main focus is to extend your hips. The machine works on other muscles as well and is good exercise equipment for legs and bum.

Leg Extension Machine

The leg extension machine works on your quads and thigh muscles. This is an effective exercise which works on the legs, upper thighs and quads. The leg extension machine workouts work in the strengthening of the ligaments. It is the best exercise equipment for legs and core.

Hip Abduction Machine

This machine is very helpful for fitness lovers who want to grow muscles and butt. This machine works well as exercise equipment for legs and buttocks. It also works on the gluteal muscles. If you want a curvier hip this machine is the best for your lower body development. This is one of the top 10 best exercise machines for thighs and hips.

Leg and Calf Press Machine

It has the facility of a double beam which eliminates ankle stress and provides good resistance while workouts. This machine works on building muscular calves. It improves running capacity and develops ankle strength and stability. This machine makes the toes and the balls of our feet to use. It is good exercise equipment for legs and thighs.

Leg Press and Hack Squat

Leg Press and Hack Squat work smoothly on our quads, calves and glutes. This is one of the top 10 best exercise equipment for legs and glutes. Squats are often overlooked but are very important for building core muscles strength. 

Leg Split Stretching Machine

If you have tight hamstrings it works on them flexibly. It stretches and makes touching your feet easier. This machine helps to increase your body flexibility, stretch and your muscles relax quickly. This is the exercise equipment for legs while sitting.

Tummy trimmer and Abdomen Leg Exerciser

This equipment works on the legs as well as the abs. This is the most basic exercise equipment for legs and stomach. It helps to build abs and core. The trimmer can be folded and is handy. The equipment helps to remove body fat and makes the back stronger along with having a perfect posture. Along with trimming your belly it also tons your hips, thighs and calves thus it works both on your legs and stomach.

Final Words

If you are going through different leg equipment to set up your home gym or commercial gym, the things you should always look for is the machines should be of low maintenance, quality products that are durable and worth the price. There are many leg exercise equipment for the elderly and young people. To perform those exercises the accessories should be made with original raw materials and should add modernity to your gym studio. Always look for the best manufacturers around you. Check the sites of different traders before you decide on one product. Leg Workout is one of the most essential parts of your fitness regime. You should never miss the leg days. Having powerful legs helps us to control our body weight and stabilize our body.






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