Barbell Stand Price, Uses, Benefits, Manufacturer in India

In recent times a lot of developments have taken place in the fitness industry which has grown into a multi-million dollar industry. As more and more people want to take part in the feat of achieving health and fitness benefits. Looking at this trend as an opportunity, more and more people want to be part of the fitness industry. There are a lot of job openings for fitness instructors and gym managers. As more and more gyms are sprouting up all over the world, more and more people are coming together to take a membership in the gym, and looking at this trend more and more individuals with entrepreneurial ideas are coming up with different ideas to set up a gym. Before setting up a gymnasium people engaging in the idea should know about the basics about setting up a gym. 

What is a barbell stand?

A barbell stand is a steel structure with two parallel vertical structures with two hooks like structures on the top. This is a structure to hold the mighty beast of the gymnasium, the barbell. The barbell has rightfully become the symbolism of the fitness industry in recent years. It is mighty equipment of the gyms and is widely used. It is most widely used by people involved in a variety of heavy-duty exercises like weight training, weight lifting, powerlifting, and bodybuilding. A barbell is a heavy-duty structure that consists of a long straight rod-like structure with two heavyweights at the ends of the rod. The person using it for the exercise should hold it from under the neck and try to lift it. Those who are involved in powerlifting and bodybuilding raise it and lower it several times to work out the muscles of the body. The power weights or the weights of the Olympic barbells are generally made up of wrought irons and weigh about 20 kg each. 

How much does a barbell stand cost in India?

Barbell stands with barbells loaded on the top of it are rightfully the most important part of the gym and have become the symbol of the gym. Without barbells, a gym is technically incomplete and there is no use for such gyms in existing and should practically cease to exist. According to Indiamart, the oldest and the largest digital marketplace in India, the price for a standard barbell is quoted at 8,000/- Apart from the online marketplace, there are numerous second-hand dealers who can provide barbell stands to people with budget limitations in various cities around India. 

What are the uses of the barbell stand in a gym?

As discussed earlier, barbells are literally the most important pieces of equipment that should mandatorily be kept in the gym. They are the most prominent types of equipment, and most people who think of the gym should naturally have the image of barbells in their minds. Barbells are the widely used equipment by bodybuilders and by those who are into powerlifting and weightlifting. Lifting of barbells and hyperactivate all the muscles of the body and helps in developing the great stereotypical Greek God-like physique. It happens to give an impression eventually that every muscle will get protruding out of the body. Barbell exercises are widely practised by a large number of people who are interested in muscle training. Barbell stands are like the most important deity throne holding the most important deity which is the barbell. Without it, no people will come to the gym because barbells are every gymgoers dream. 

What are the benefits of barbell stands in a gym?

Continuing into the discussion about how important barbells are for the gym, there are several benefits of having them in the gymnasium. Barbell exercises are the most commonly prescribed exercises for muscle training and bodybuilding purposes. First of all, a barbell provides an all-round exercise experience, it helps in achieving the result of four different exercises in a single go. Regular lifting of the barbell can help in regularly activating the neuromuscular connections and enhance athletic performance. Barbells help in an all-round exercise, including cardio, which can be done with the help of the instructor. Although with a lot of benefits, barbells have a lot of risks involved. Before indulging in a barbell workout, one should consult a physician and get permission from the doctor. 

Zoopfitness – Best barbell manufacturing company in India

At  Zoopfitness, we had a simple beginning when we first stepped into the world of manufacturing sports and fitness equipment. That was thirty-five years ago. Starting at Tripura, we witnessed massive growth and expansion and by the happiness and goodwill of our customers we have grown and now we are based in Jalandhar, Punjab. We have our highly qualified team of engineers and experts who toil hard to develop the best machines following the latest technology in the fitness industry. Our most special feature that most of our customers have appreciated us for is the fact that we take orders for customized machines and equipment. For example, if some of our clients wish to have equipment based on the theme of Disney cartoons or Japanese manga characters, customers can place the orders with us and our designers are going to take care of everything after the customer has placed their order. Apart from that, another feature of our company that you might enjoy is the fact that we have a very robust door to door delivery service. Our delivery charges depend on the size and weight of the consignment that we are delivering. 

Final Words

Exercise is a habit people should greatly indulge in and involve in. Thus, setting up a gym is more of a goodwill service in today’s day and age. Driving and inspiring people to move towards achieving a fit and healthy body is a noble cause and every bright individual who has entrepreneurial skills should come up with ideas to inspire more people to sign up for a gym membership and take care of their physical body.

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