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Back Hyperextension Machine Price, Benefits, Manufacturer and More

If you have a new set up of a gymnasium or a fitness studio and you want to purchase all the equipment that is very important for the gym then the back hyperextension machine also needs to get included in the list. While sitting on a commercial for a home gym when everything is correct as per the logistics, the location is perfect to attract more enthusiastic fitness lovers to increase your business. The promotion has also been rightly done and many people know about your venture. But after a while, you start to notice that you are losing more and more people, then you come to realize that it is because you don’t have the correct equipment and machinery installed in your gym. That is why it is important to have the correct knowledge about the machines. Read this article to the end to have correct knowledge about the equipment you purchase.

What is a back hyperextension machine?

A back hyperextension machine is a piece of widely used gym equipment that is closely designed like the ab pro king machine. The only difference is that it facilitates the exercise of the back body, especially the lower half. This machine aids in assistance in carrying out several strength related workouts that help in strengthening the posterior half of the body. Just like the ab pro king machine, a back hyperextension body consists of two parts –  a stationary one and a movable one. The one who is using it has to seat themselves in the stationary part and with the help of the movable part, has to carry on the workout. The movable part provides pressure in working out the posterior end of the body. This workout is particularly helpful for people who want a lean and fit body. Bodybuilders, models, actors, and people from show business regularly use this machine to achieve the desired physique propagated by the media. 

How much does a back hyperextension machine cost in India?

A back hyperextension machine is one of the most demanded machines. It is one of the most expensive equipment as well as a heavy-duty substance flocked around by many people. As per the online marketplace of Indiamart, the cost of a standard back hyperextension machine stands between 25000/- to 75000/- INR. It can also be procured from the shops dedicated to sports and fitness items, regular research is needed before procuring one because of the chances of forfeiting which is quite common regarding this machine. The entrepreneurs who have a very humble financial backing can take benefits from various second-hand dealers who provide a good quality refurbished and renovated items at a very reasonable price. 

Are hyperextensions good or bad for bodybuilders?

Now, this is an extremely tricky part. Hyperextensions are one of the most beneficial exercises for bodybuilders because it helps in strengthening the lower half of the body. The strong lower half enables a good posture that is highly required to maintain a good physique. But it has a dark another face of the coin, most of the gym injuries take place because of the hyperextensions exercises. It puts tremendous pressure on the back and increases a chance of wear and tear on the lower half of the body. Many injuries are so bad, it can send people to the hospital and in worst-case scenarios send them to hospitals. Therefore, it is extremely important to practice caution while doing hyperextension exercises. People with chronic back pain or having a history of chronic back injuries should altogether avoid doing this exercise. But despite that, if people really want to pursue this exercise, they should do it under the supervision of their gym instructors and trainers, so that they don’t go ahead and do any missteps and injure themselves. Rest, it totally depends upon the user’s discretion. 

What are the exercises that can be done on a back hyperextension machine?

A back hyperextension machine is one of the most useful machines in the gym. There are many exercises that can be done using this particular machine. Some of the most prominent ones include-

  • Ham-string focusses exercises – These exercises are mostly centred around your mid-thigh area. These are the low balanced point exercises that don’t have much reason to be careful about.
  • Glutes focussed exercises – These exercises are mostly centred around the hip flexor area. These are the medium balanced point exercises that require a little discretion by the user, otherwise, some accidents might happen.
  • Low back focussed exercise – These exercises are to be done only if the user is experienced in using gym equipment. These are the high balanced point exercises and have a high chance of attaining minor to serious injuries that can affect the mobility of a person. Usually, if these exercises are needed, a trainer or instructor will be provided by the gym to look after your pursuit. 

Zoopfitnes – India’s leading manufacturer of back hyperextension machine and other sports machinery

At Zoopfitness, we provide you with quality and safety combined. We had our humble beginning in Tripura and now we are based out of Jalandhar, Punjab. Our products are designed by our highly qualified engineers who maintain international standards in terms of sports machinery and types of equipment. We supply our products all over the country at a reasonable delivery charge and would be happy to serve you at your doorstep. We also take the customized orders based on the requirement of our clients and make our machines depending on the theme or colour scheme provided. 


Trying to use your luck in the booming fitness industry, it is not enough just to look after the location and logistics while setting up the gym. One has to keep in mind about the products that they have to keep in the gym to attract the customers. One of the most important gym machines that must be compulsorily set up in your gym is the Back Hyperextension Machine. It is widely used by many gym-goers, especially by those who are in show business and have to appear presentable at all times.







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