Air Bikes Vs Spin Bikes: Which one is better?

If you’re planning to open up a gym or a fitness centre it is a piece of useful knowledge to know about what exercise machine and equipment needs to be there. People are mainly drawn to gyms because they want to shed some extra weight, tone down their physique, or to increase flexibility and mobility in their limbs. There is a big section of gym-goers who want to do spinning exercises so that they can lose some weight and get a perfect body that they have desired for so long. There are some young girls who follow this trend about getting the perfect summer body. The best machine to exercise to achieve the perfect summer body is the exercise bike. They are of two types – Air Bikes and Spin Bikes

What is Air Bike?

Air bikes are the type of exercise bikes used widely by fitness enthusiasts and people who want an intense workout session, to cut down on fats and extra mass here and there and to get a toned body which they can flaunt on the beach or in private pool parties. Air bikes are these wonderful machines that can help people achieve that particular goal. Air bikes have a pedal system attached where the workout mainly involves pedalling, Along with the pedals there is a fan attached, as much as you pedal on the bike the fan keeps on rotating. The rotating fans create an air resistance which gives a perfect workout experience, equivalent to running.

What is Spin Bike?

One of the most popular machines that are regularly used by gym hoppers is the spin bikes. These are the types of exercise bikes that have a peddle mechanism attached to it. The regular use of the peddle enabled device provides a perfect workout session for people. These machines are particularly good for claves and legs and provide you with perfect limbs to show and exhibit without any inhibitions. 

What are the differences between Air Bike and Spin Bike?

It is to note that both the machines belong to the same family. Both have a similar core structure. The basic structural difference that stands prominent is that an air bike has a heavy fan attached to it, while a spin bike doesn’t have so. Apart from the structural difference, there are other basic differences between the machines. First of all, Air Bikes were introduced at the age when Aerobics was at full swing. The number of cross-fitters popularised the use of this bike because the fan and air resistance mechanism provided a full-body workout, on a heavy-duty level. Air Bikes are heavy and big machines, and not everyone can particularly comfortable using them. On the other hand, Spin Bikes are lightweight and sleek. It is also more modern compared to Air Bikes. Spin Bikes are more popular amongst gym-goers who want to have light exercise and mainly focus on weight loss and calf and leg workout. Spin Bikes doesn’t provide a full heavy-duty workout experience like that of Air Bikes. Spin Bikes mostly provide a regular cycling type of workout. It totally depends on the user what they want to achieve based on workouts that they want to do. 

What are the similarities between Air Bikes and Spin Bikes?

There are some notable differences between the Air Bikes and the Spin Bikes. Air Bikes are big and heavy-duty and Spin Bikes are sleek light-weight machines. In spite of this huge structural difference, they both belong to the same category of exercise bikes, with the pedal system aimed for a perfect workout experience. Both have the same structure where the user has to pedal their way through to achieve that particular body goal they are looking for. 

Air Bikes vs Spin Bikes: Which one is better for home use?

Air Bikes are heavy and obsolete and takes up a lot of space. Of course, trying to get it for home is an affair with a lot of disadvantages. Also, Air Bikes are designed for a heavy-duty intense workout which is not ideal in a home setting. On the other hand, Spin Bikes are much sleeker and light-weight for homes for medium-ranged weight loss workouts which is why people buy these machines for homes. So this one is an easy pick, for homes, spin bikes are the most ideal.

Air Bikes vs Spin Bikes: Which one is better for commercial use?

In a commercial setting, it is important to use machines with a commercial appeal. Air Bikes have the most popular followings in the gym, especially those dealing with CrossFit workout. Most of the athletes and bodybuilders working in the fitness industry prefer to go for Air Bikes. Air Bikes not only help you in becoming more fitter, but it also provides master results than spin bikes. Patience is not really a virtue in commercial settings, so over here the pick goes for Air Bikes. 

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Final Words

Like we have seen, both spin bikes and air bikes are some of the most important types of equipment that are must-have in a space dedicated to health and fitness. Both the instruments help their users to achieve a particular goal that the users have in mind. These exercise bikes not only help in maintaining a lean and slim physique but also to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. These unique machines not only help you in burning calories but also helps your muscles to be flexible and improve your cardiovascular health and circulatory system. 

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