Air Bike Types, Prices, Manufacturers in India

As a gym owner or trainer, you can have an air bike for your gym for the customers who will join your gym because it comes with a lot of benefits.  The air bike is perfect for the whole body workout or exercise as it has adjustable and easy to use features which attracts the user. It also has one unique feature that is a fan on the front which creates airflow while working out to keep you cool and free from sweat. This has been developed considering HIIT(High-intensity interval training) keeping in mind bringing comfort and doability.

Several Types of Air Bikes

These days, the air bike comes with its unique features which excite various people who love maintaining their fitness. So it is a mandate equipment for your gym. It has two types of the drive system which are chain and belt with slight differences. The chain drive system is one which gives you feel like an outdoor bike which has an actual chain system. It requires maintenance where you have to lubricate time to time for smooth working. Another hand, the belt bike system is one with a modern version with more efficiency and durability. Let’s discuss more to know about the variety of Air bike gyms and the functions.

Xebex Air Bike

This air bike is perfect for those who are seeking all exercise in one. Yes, with the Xebex Air Bike you can work on your legs, back, chest and also for your abs simultaneously as this works for air bike crunches as well for your core abs. This is good for all body work out in just one by pulling, pushing and pedalling this bike. You can control this machine as per your own stamina and pace.  This equipment has four-way adjustment which is a very professional feature on it where you can adjust the seat from down to up and vice versa and forward to back and vice versa. Above mentioned features are just incredible for the air bike exercise and this is one of the best air bikes.

Reach Air Bike

Under Reach Air Bike there are various bikes with different features and price range like Reach air bike with back support, Reach obiter etc. This bike has a belt drive system with both two-way and four-way adjustability as per the ranges in price. This bike is good for Reach air exercises and air bike crunches which directly affect the whole body. This bike has been developed considering the comfort of the users with its user-friendly nature, cushioned adjustable seat, LCD digital screen for monitoring the modes like tracking time, distance, speed etc. It also has high thickness foam in its handlebar which prevents you from muscle aches, strains and stiffness of any body part. 

Afton Air bike

Afton is the company which deals with both Afton air bikes and Afton spin bikes. Before going into depth, let me tell you about air bikes vs spin bikes. Air bikes are those stationary exercise bikes which concentrate on the whole body (upper body and lower body) workout with its independent handlebar and pedals whereas spin bikes are those which perform like an outdoor cycle which focuses on the lower body part especially. Spin bikes are based on flywheel mechanisms which stimulate the resistance with much higher and faster-pedalling speed. Both bikes are good for exercise as per your own requirements. 

Best Air Bikes Manufacturers in India

Above, almost everything we have made clear about air bikes and their varieties. Now it’s about their manufacturer who deals with different types of air bikes.


As we all know zoopfitness deals with no. 1 gym equipment of all known brands. So, you can trust and can consider us if you are looking for any gym equipment particularly the air bikes. There are numerous air bikes with a different price range. We assure you with the customer satisfaction and guidance while making sure that you would have the best air bike and also help in installing.

Syndicate Gym Equipment

Syndicate Gym is one of the leading manufacturers in India who also deals with various gym equipment and gym products. Not only gym equipment, but they also deal with other fitness equipment and fitness products. This is the place where you will get all your gyming or fitness related products or any equipment easily within affordable price without getting worried about anything. Yes, you can trust them as they ship worldwide considering your requirements.


Paramount is the finest quality manufacturer for all gym equipment all over the world. It is also one of the old manufacturers which deals with high quality of all fitness products. They are reliable and trustable. Now Paramount comes under True fitness as a sub-brand.

Alpine Fitness equipment

Another manufacturer who has 200+ gym equipment for commercial purposes who helps in supplying all gym equipment and set up. They have 110+ of dealers all over in India and are one of the largest manufacturers. 

Afton fitness equipment

Again, one of the known suppliers of gym or fitness equipment in India who deals especially with air bikes. You will get all the different and one of the best air bikes here with all price ranges from minimum to maximum. They are located all across India. For more details about the store and their contacts, you can visit the website where you can get the details of the desired equipment as well.

Let’s sum up

We are sure we have made almost everything clear about air bikes. Again, we would like to say if you want to lose your weight, build muscles or want to do anything regarding your fitness then must try the air bike exercise which takes minimum space if you are planning to install at your place. Also as per user demand, these days air bikes had become mandatory in every gym. Every gym owner must own this equipment as this is one of the best equipment for maintaining fitness.

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