Adjustable Lock Dumbbell Price, Types, Exercises, Manufacturer in India

After work, going to the gym regularly is kind of too much for some of the people who hardly get time for travelling to reach the gym for their workout. It’s perfect and best for them if they can get some equipment like a dumbbell or any other for creating their small regular home gym for their regular exercise.

What is Adjustable Lock Dumbbell? 

As we know, dumbbells come with different varieties and Adjustable Lock Dumbbell is one of them. It refers to the sole pair dumbbell whose weight can be adjusted by the users as per their requirement from heavier to lighter or lighter to heavier whatever they are needed. The utmost weight or minimum weight and weight or pressure increment rely on the specific set that the user has for the workout. Because of its adjustable feature, it is one of the best dumbbells or a hex dumbbell set India on which the user entirely can trust.

How much does Adjustable Lock Dumbbell cost in India?

Adjustable Lock Dumbbell is one of the latest age gym equipment which is very handy and perfect for the user as its adjustable features allow the user to adjust or lock the weight as per their capacity within a minute. It has different varieties which again comes at different price ranges depending on the weight. Higher the weight higher would be the price and lower the weight lower would be the price as it is made up of iron also called cast iron dumbbell which cost much extra than the other material wielded in various other equipment.

What are the types of Adjustable Lock Dumbbell?

There are various different Adjustable Lock Dumbbells are available in the market which is enumerated below for further understanding.

  • Bowflex dumbbells 

This adjustable dumbbell is the number one as per the industry standard for their best quality or personality and functionality with compact weight and versatile nature which works perfectly in both at the gym or in house. Bowflex SelectTech 1090 comes with dual adjustable weights with attached racks or stands where users can adjust the 10kg dumbbell or more than that as per need.

  • Power or SpeedBlock Dumbbell

Another Adjustable Dumbbell which all users praise for its durability and versatility. Power or SpeedBlock Dumbbell allows managing evenly weighted unusual plates that encircle the grip or handles, unlike the traditional adjustable dumbbells. Each dumbbell appears to be weighted between 3kg to 24kg with the weight increment of every 3kg and so on for free weight workout.

  •  Chrome Adjustable Dumbbells

This adjustable dumbbell is again one of the classic dumbbells which appear with polished chrome finish. This dumbbell allows the users shifting the plates easily on a metal handle for an evenly handed various workout. This dumbbell is perfect for the user who prefers their workout at home and this dumbbell set comes with 24 weight plates, two handles and four plates latching collars.

  •   Weight Adjustable Dumbbells

One more adjustable dumbbell which is considered as the best and perfect for the beginners or the user who are into aerobic exercises because of its lower weight. Weider Speed Weight Adjustable Dumbbell helps users to use them easily with its light and compact weight from 5kg to 25kg. This adjustable dumbbell is affordable and acts as a great for intervals workout, cardio and for toning exercises.

  • ProForm Adjustable Dumbbell Set

Another adjustable dumbbell which has to be in the list for its popularity as it is economical and comes with a full set of the dumbbell which every workout enthusiastic prefers to have for their exercises. These dumbbells appear to have round weight plates and knurled hold or grip handles which users appreciate as they are handy and compact to store when they are not in use and sturdy while in practice.

What are the exercises you can do with Adjustable Lock Dumbbell?

There are numerous exercises which the user can do with an adjustable lock dumbbell as it is fit for all upper body or lower body exercises. Let’s discuss further to know more about different exercises.

  • Farmer’s Walk

Farmer’s Walk is one of the exercises which the user can do with the adjustable lock dumbbell for improving overall body strength. In this exercise, the user has to hold the dumbbell and has to walk forward and back for progressing strength.

  • Dumbbell SkullCrusher 

This exercise named Dumbbell Skullcrusher is best and useful known for its triceps exercise which users can attain with the adjustable lock dumbbell by locking their required weight.

  •  Dumbbell Chest Flye

Another dumbbell exercise which effectively struggles the pecs and strikes the biceps and shoulder. This exercise is best and effective if one can continue right after the exercise called skullcrusher as the user does not have to switch the position.

  • Goblet Squat

This dumbbell workout is known for its full-body exercise where it involves and challenges full-body action facilitating users proper shape as it puts up with the pressure of the back. This exercise is more convenient than a traditional dumbbell squat.

  • Dumbbell Bench Press

Last but not least, this exercise is one of the very common workouts which is performed with a dumbbell and addition to the bench for stabilizing the shoulder effectively.

Zoopfitness: Best Adjustable Lock Dumbbell manufacturer in India

An Indian manufacturer who supports all types of gym equipment with great assistance. From minor gym equipment to the large one, we deal with all elements of the gym material. We support our customers offline as well as online where they can ask for any assistance. Users can buy dumbbells online and other equipment as well after figuring out everything.

Final words

In conclusion, we can say that dumbbells are very common and useful equipment as it is required in most of the workout and can be used for any specific workout. Dumbbells are also appeared to be in varieties with different features and among all one is the adjustable lock dumbbell which is discussed above.







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